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Immigration in America

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1 Immigration in America
Unit 4

2 Why America? On your own…think about this question
Of all the places in the world people could immigrate to, why do the vast majority choose to come to the United States? Now pair up with someone and write down your combined answer to the question. Time to share with the class!

3 Arriving in America 25 million immigrants moved to the US between 1880 and 1924 Old immigrants (before 1880): Western and Northern Europe New Immigrants (after 1880): Southern and Eastern Europe, Mexico Came looking for work! Came to escape war or persecution (unfair treatment or punishment) Came for greater political freedom


5 Immigration stations Once immigrants arrived in the United States, they went through places like… Ellis Island: in New York harbor (Statue of Liberty) for immigrants coming from Europe Angel Island: in San Francisco Bay, for immigrants coming from Asia

6 Angel Island Ellis Island

7 Stations, cont. Once they arrived, government workers asked immigrants where they planned to live and work Doctors would examine immigrants for diseases Almost all Europeans were allowed to enter the United States Asians immigrants faced more prejudice Forced to stay for weeks, months or even years at Angel Island before being allowed to enter US About 25% were forced to return to home country

8 Living in a new country After entering, most immigrants settled near family or friends In big cities whole neighborhoods were made of one single ethnic group (a group of people who share a culture or a language) Life was difficult! Worked in dangerous steel mills Worked in noisy, dirty factories Worked long hours for very low pay

9 Life, cont. Many lived in tenements (a poorly built apartment building) Very crowded and unsafe Often without windows or running water

10 Hard Times for Immigrants
As neighborhoods changed, immigrants faced prejudice Employers liked to hire immigrants Worked hard for little pay Some worried about losing jobs to immigrants

11 Laws against Immigration
Congress started limiting immigration in 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act More laws passed in early 1920s lowering the number of European immigrants Despite laws, immigrants helped with United States to become one of the richest and fastest growing country in the world

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