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Business Research IBC464 Dr.Namtip Wipawin

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1 Business Research IBC464 Dr.Namtip Wipawin

2 Business Research 1.Introduction to Research 2.Scientific Investigation 3.Computer Technology and Business Research 4.The Research Process step 1-3 5.The Research Process step 4-5 6.The Research Process step 7

3 7.Experimental Designs 8.Measurement. 9.Data Collection Methods 10.Sampling 12.Data Analysis and Interpretation 13.The research report 14.Managerial Decision making and research

4 1.Introduction to Research 1.1 What is research? 1.2.Definition of business research. 1.3.Types of Business research. 1.4 Manager and researcher. 1.5 Ethics and business research

5 Q: 1 Please write in the paper: –Do you think what is research?

6 1.1What is research? Research is the process of finding solutions to a problem after a thorough study and analysis of the situational factors. =glossary_definition&ct=title =glossary_definition&ct=title

7 Research is a process through which we attempt to achieve systematically and with the support of data the answer to a question, the resolution of a problem, or a greater understanding of a phenomenon. This process, which is frequently called research methodology, has eight distinct characteristics: Research originates with a question or problem. Research requires a clear articulation of a goal. Research follows a specific plan of procedure. Research usually divides the principal problem into more manageable subproblems. Research is guided by the specific research problem, question, or hypothesis. Research accepts certain critical assumptions. Research requires the collection and interpretation of data in attempting to resolve the problem that initiated the research. Research is, by its nature, cyclical; or more exactly, helical.

8 1.2.Definition of business research An organized,systematic,databased, critical,objective, scientific inquiry or investigation into a specific problem, undertaken with the propose of finding answers or solutions to it.

9 Definition of business research Research provides the needed information that guides managers to make informed decisions to successfully deal with problems. The information provided could be the result of a careful analysis of data gathered firsthand or of data that are already available (in the company).

10 1.3.Types of Business research. 1.Applied research Is to solve a current problem faced by the manager in the work setting,demanding a timely solution. 2.Basic research (fundamental, pure) Is to generate a body of knowledge by trying to comprehend how certain problems that occur in organizations can be solved. The findings of such research contribute to the building of knowledge in the various functional areas of business.

11 Basic Research Basic (fundamental or pure ) research is driven by a scientist's curiosity or interest in a scientific question. The main motivation is to expand man's knowledge, not to create or invent something. There is no obvious commercial value to the discoveries that result from basic research. For example, basic science investigations probe for answers to questions such as: How did the universe begin? What are protons, neutrons, and electrons composed of? How do slime molds reproduce? What is the specific genetic code of the fruit fly?

12 Applied research Applied research is designed to solve practical problems of the modern world, rather than to aqcquire knowledge for knowledge's sake. One might say that the goal of the applied scientist is to improve the human condition. For example, applied researchers may investigate ways to: improve agricultural crop production treat or cure a specific disease improve the energy efficiency of homes, offices, or modes of transportation

13 Q:2 Why is it important for managers to know about research?

14 1.4.Manager and researcher. Solve problems Decision making tool Competition Risk Investment Hire researchers and consultants more effectively

15 1.5 Ethics and business research Ethics in business research refers to a code of conduct or expected societal norm of behavior while conducting research. Ethical conduct applies to the organization and the members that sponsor the research, the researchers who undertake the research, and the respondents who provide them with the necessary data.

16 Q:3 What is your research topic? Basic Business Research Methods htm htm

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