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Verb Forms Base Form write 3rd Person Sg. writes Simple Past wrote

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1 Verb Forms Base Form write 3rd Person Sg. writes Simple Past wrote
Present Participle writing Past Participle written

2 The Simple Tenses I usually make dinner. He sometimes makes dinner.
John doesn’t like to cook. Where do they eat dinner? My cousins visited last month. We went to the beach every day. They didn’t have time to see everything. When did they return home?

3 The Progressive Tenses
Helen is doing her homework now. Last year at this time, we were visiting friends in Brazil.

4 The Perfect Tenses She has seen that movie three times.
The party had ended by midnight.

5 Modals Rule: modal + base verb
I should write a letter to my grandmother. We must finish the test soon. They can sing beautifully. He could go with us tonight. She would like to go with us. We may graduate in June. They might travel this summer.

6 Locate and correct the verb form errors.
Did Bill Clinton won the election in 1996? Melissa and Carson don’t be in school today. The kitten that lives next door visiting us right now. I just bought a new dress. You buy one too? She can plays the piano very well.

7 Verb + Gerund I avoid working out at the gym.
Aaron dislikes traveling by bus. Susan suggested seeing the new movie. appreciate, avoid, delay, discuss, dislike, enjoy, finish, keep, mention, mind, miss, quit, suggest

8 Verb + Infinitive Susan agreed to go with him to the concert.
The university requires students to take English. advise, agree, ask, decide, encourage, expect, force, hope, intend, invite, learn, offer, order, plan, pretend, remind, seem, tell, want, warn

9 Verb + Gerund or Infinitive
She hates swimming / to swim alone. They’ve loved reading / to read since they were children. We preferred studying / to study at the library. begin, continue, hate, like, love, prefer, start

10 Preposition + Gerund He made an excuse for arriving late.
I put off studying until the last minute. She insisted on driving us to school. We took care of making the reservations. They are excited about getting a good grade.

11 Verb + Base Form The coach made us run another mile.
She lets her daughter stay out late. Her parents had her take 18 units. John can help his dad paint the house. make, let, have (make or force), help

12 Locate and correct the verb form errors.
Healthy eaters dislike to eat sugar. He hopes to seeing the latest movie. The hike made them felt tired all day. They are excited about join the club. Mrs. Kelly let Susan to finish her homework after class.

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