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1 OUTLINE Need of a Proposal (why do we need a proposal?) Definition Types Elements of Winning Business Proposals Criteria for Proposals Writing Process.

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2 1

3 OUTLINE Need of a Proposal (why do we need a proposal?) Definition Types Elements of Winning Business Proposals Criteria for Proposals Writing Process Prewriting Writing Rewriting 2

4 Need of a Proposal Proposals are a starting point for your Audience to understand your ideas by identifying the key issues, methods, sources of your plan to develop the project. A proposal will help you complete your project because you have move ahead and made a plan. 3

5 Definition and Types Definition: A written offer from a seller to a prospective buyer. Business proposals are often a key step in the complex sales process. Types: Solicited and Unsolicited Business Proposals External and Internal Proposals 4

6 Solicited and Unsolicited Business Proposal(cont...) Solicited Business Proposal “Solicited” means “to be requested”. When individual or organization completes a project, they’ll request that interested parties bid for the project i.e. submit a proposal because it was requested. 5

7 Solicited and Unsolicited Business Proposal Unsolicited Business Proposal The one which is not requested. At some point, your small business wants to do business with larger company. A well written business proposal can win the hearts and minds of the targeted Audience. 6

8 External And Internal Proposals Internal Proposal A proposal for a party within the organization such as boss of your company or government agency. External Proposal A proposal written for an individual or organization outside your organization. 7

9 Example Unsolicited Business Proposal Solicited Business Proposal External Proposal Internal Proposal 8

10 Elements of Winning Business Proposals(cont...) Solutions Benefits Credibility Samples Targeted 9

11 Elements of Winning Business Proposals(cont...) Solutions After you have written a lead paragraph on company’s needs and problems, follow up with solid presentation of how your business can provide them solutions. The key here is to promise solutions you can deliver. Benefits Your business proposal should clearly outline the company benefits to be gained by doing business with you. If your small business can meet tight deadlines, state it in your benefit section. 10

12 Elements of Winning Business Proposals(cont...) Credibility If you have worked with clients in the same field or have an award winning business, then third party endorsements will build credibility. Samples A Business Proposal with samples and evidence of your ability to deliver is vital to gaining the winning bid. A small sample of your work can show your ability to do work. 11

13 Elements of Winning Business Proposals Targeted A winning Proposal is all about communication. Speak in a language spoken by your intended Audience. For example, if your proposal evaluators are from Engineering background, use appropriate jargon. 12

14 Criteria for Proposals Basic Elements Title Page Cover Letter Table of Content List of illustration Executive Summary Introduction and Discussion Conclusion 13

15 Title Page for External Proposals 14

16 Title Page for Internal Proposals 15

17 Cover Letter(cont...) Your Cover Letter provides the reader an overview of what is to follow. It tells reader: Why Are you writing? What you are writing about (subject of the proposal) When the action should occur? Why that day is important? 16

18 Table of Content Different Readers have different area of interest. Help the reader the section of their interest. Table of Content should be Accurate. 17

19 Table of Content (example) 18

20 List of illustrations(cont...) If your proposal contain figures or tables you should provide a List of illustrations. List should be Clear and Informative. Don’t waste your and reader’s time by providing a poor list of illustration. 19

21 List of illustrations(example) 20

22 Abstract(or Executive Summary) Abstract is a brief overview of key points. Abstract should focus on the following: The Problem necessitating your proposal. Your suggested Solutions. The Benefits. Avoid High tech terminology and Concepts. 21

23 Introduction and Discussion Introduction should include two primary sections: Purpose Problem In Discussion section, you will sell your product, service and suggested solution. 22

24 Conclusion Sum up your proposal. Provide your reader a sense of Closure. Be, specified. State amount and percentages Can be made accessible through highlighting techniques. 23

25 Writing Process(cont...) PrewritingWritingRewriting 24

26 Writing Process(cont...) Prewriting Examine your purposes. Determine your goals. Consider your Audience Gather Data Determine how the content will be provided. 25

27 Writing Process(cont...) Writing Review your rewriting. Organize the Data. Write using Sufficing Techniques. Format your writing according to the Criteria of Effective Proposals. 26

28 Writing Process Rewriting Add Missing details. Delete Wordiness. Avoid Biased Language Simplify word usage. Correct Errors. Reformat your text for ease of access. Enhance the Tone of your Proposal. Review the Text. 27

29 Sample Proposal A company named “Rocket Soft wares” build a computer software. This company wants to do business with a larger company. So this company writes a proposal to that company. 28

30 Title Page 29

31 Cover Letter 30

32 Table of Content 31

33 Executive Summary 32

34 Introduction 33

35 Proposal 34

36 Conclusion 35

37 Thank You….. 36

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