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Energy Sources. HMMMM.... What do you think nonrenewable resources are? Break it down... Nonrenewable? Resource?

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1 Energy Sources

2 HMMMM.... What do you think nonrenewable resources are? Break it down... Nonrenewable? Resource?

3 NONRENEWABLE RESOURCES A nonrenewable resource is a natural resource that cannot be re-made or re-grown at the same rate in which it is used.

4 NUCLEAR ENERGY Uses uranium to create energy. Nuclear energy is a nonrenewable resource because once the uranium is used, it is gone!

5 FOSSIL FUELS Coal, oil (petroleum), and natural gas are known as fossil fuels because they are made of the fossilized remalns of prehistoric plants and animals; they arenonrenewable because they can not be re-made in a short period of time.




9 HMMMM.... If nonrenewable resources are resources that cannot be re-made at a scale comparable to its consumption, what are renewable resources?

10 Renewable Resources Renewable resources are natural resources that can be replenished in a short period of time. Solar Hydroelectric Wind Biomass Geothermal Tidal

11 Solar Energy Energy from the sun The sun gives off energy in the forms of light and heat Advantages - solar energy does not cause pollution and will not run out for billions of years (it’s a perpetual resource– no end in sight) Disadvantages – it’s only available when the sun is out and it is spread out so it needs to be collected from a large area

12 Ways to Capture Solar Energy Solar power plants – use giant mirrors to heat tanks of water Solar cells – works like a battery- when the sunlight hits the cell a current is produced; currently only useful for small devices Solar heating – captures the sun’s energy and uses fans to distribute the heat

13 Solar Power Plant

14 Solar House

15 Stop and Discuss What is solar energy? Why is solar renewable? Can we have solar energy here in North Carolina? Why or why not?

16 Hydroelectric Power Electricity produced by flowing water Advantages – flowing water supplies a steady source of energy, it’s inexpensive once a dam and power plant are built and it doesn’t create air pollution Disadvantages – most suitable rivers have already been dammed and dams can have a negative effect on the environment

17 Hydroelectric Power Plant

18 Wind Energy Energy from the wind Wind is used to turn a turbine and generate electricity Windmills generate large amounts of power Advantages – does not cause pollution Disadvantages – wind is not consistent, generators are noisy and can be destroyed in very strong winds, wind farms can take up a lot of space

19 Stop and Discuss What is hydroelectric energy? Can we use hydroelectric energy here in NC? Why or why not? What is wind energy? Can we use wind energy here in NC? Why or why not?

20 Biomass Fuels Fuels made from living things Wood, sugar cane, corn, gasohol (gasoline combined with alcohol), methane, soybeans, etc. Advantages – renewable and can use them in a variety of ways Disadvantages – producing enough to be helpful is expensive and it can take several years in order to replace the living things that were used

21 Captures the intense heat from Earth’s interior near the magma and uses it to create steam Advantages – unlimited source of energy and is fairly inexpensive Disadvantages – there are only a few places on Earth where magma is close to the surface so you need to drill deep wells– an expensive process Geothermal Energy

22 Tidal Power Is similar to how hydroelectric power is generated, but uses giant dams built across a coastal area When the tide goes in and out, the flowing water is used to turn turbines and generate electricity Advantages: tides are perpetual (never ending), no waste is produced, it’s not expensive to maintain, it produces consistent energy Disadvantages: Building a large dam can be very expensive and can destroy wildlife and habitats; can only generate power while the tides are actually moving in or out; only 20 sites in the entire world have been identified as a potential tidal energy plant site.

23 Stop and Discuss What are biomass fuels? What is geothermal energy? What is tidal power? Can we use these in NC? Why or why not?

24 Classwork/Homework Fill out Energy Resources Venn Diagram– answer the two questions below on the back of the diagram-- place in your core tray when finished. 1. Why haven’t renewable resources replaced fossil fuels? 2. Which renewable resource do you think would be most effective at replacing fossil fuels? Use complete sentences and explain your reasons fully; put in your core tray when finished

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