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World War One: The Beginning

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1 World War One: The Beginning
World War I ( ) was caused by competition among industrial nations in Europe and a failure of diplomacy. The war transformed European and American life, wrecked the economies of Europe, and planted the seeds for a second world war. 1

2 Essential Questions What were the factors that produced World War I?
What were the major events of the war? Who were the major leaders? What were the outcomes and global effects of World War I? What were the terms of the Treaty of Versailles? 2

3 Europe 1914 3

4 Europe 1918 4

5 Causes of World War I: (1914-1918)
The MAIN causes of World War I were… Militarism: glorification of military strong militaries seen as power desire to fight for country Alliances: countries agreed to support each other Imperialism: compete for land & resources Nationalism: France: defeated in F-P war, desire to regain power Germany: newly formed nation, strong military Russia: Pan-Slavism (support Serbia, Slavic state) 5

6 The Alliance System Triple Alliance [Central Powers]
Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy Italy refuses to honor alliance in WWI Ottoman Empire joins the Central Powers Triple Entente [Allied Powers] France, Russia, and Great Britain Later joined by Italy in 1915 USA becomes an associated power during WWI 6

7 Allied vs. Central Austria-Hungary Germany Italy Ottoman Empire
(Triple Alliance) Ottoman Empire Bulgaria (shut down Russia’s use of transportation in the Black sea & Mediterranean) Serbia Russia France (Schlieffen Plan) Belgium Great Britain United States Japan (make box on bottom of chart) Greece (make box on bottom of chart) *In addition to these nations, all of the colonies that belonged to the above nations also participated in WWI. 7

8 Why did each country enter World War I?

9 Central Powers Name of Country Why they joined Bulgaria
Allied Powers VS. Central Powers Central Powers Name of Country Why they joined Bulgaria Economic reasons (OE/AH greatest trade partner) , Serbia strongest threat in Balkans Ottoman Empire Military alliance with Germany (allies could not protect OE from G) Germany Military alliance with Austria-Hungary, followed suit Austria-Hungary Because the black hand (Serbia terrorist group) assassinated their Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand 9

10 Allied Powers Name of Country Why they joined France
Long-standing tensions with Germany (took land in late 1800s), military agreement with Russia Belgium Wanted to be neutral, Germany marched through on way to France (Schlieffen Plan)- called GB for help Russia Large Serbian minority, did not want AH expansion, agreed to join in Serbia was attacked by AH (leave 1917 Civil War) Great Britain Alliance with Belgium, who was getting marched on by Germans on way to France Italy Signed agreement with GB, get land in return for changing sides Serbia AH declared war on them U.S. Initially neutral Lusitania Zimmerman Telegram

11 Greece and Japan: Why did they join?
Series of internal debates Change in leadership—support Allied Powers Japan Expand sphere of influence in China

12 Schlieffen Plan German plan Goal: avoid a 2 front war
Through neutral Belgium into France Concentrate troops in the west-quickly defeat French Belgium enters war Ultimately failed

13 13

14 The Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, June 1914
Assassinated by Gavrilo Princep, a Serbian Nationalist. Sparked a chain reaction of events that had disastrous consequences. 14

15 “July Crisis” Austrian officials saw nationalist minority groups as threat to monarch Assassination opportunity to crush Serbian-sponsored movement in Bosnia… (justification to take action) A-H dispatched an “ultimatum” that Serbia couldn’t accept in 48 Hours. 15

16 July Crisis cont. Serb military mobilizes and so does Austria
Austria declares war (given the support from Germany) Germany then issues ultimatum to Russia demanding cessation of military measures against A-H; Russia doesn’t respect it and thus Germany declares war!!! 16

17 World War I Label paper “World War 1 Video Notes”
Notes: key events, people, technology (Saw video in English!!)

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