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+ Genetic Engineering (Biotechnology) The Splice of Life.

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1 + Genetic Engineering (Biotechnology) The Splice of Life

2 + Introduction Selective Breeding: process by which humans breed other animals and plants for particular traits.

3 + Introduction Genetic Engineering: use of technology to manipulate and change genes. This involves directly inserting, removing, or altering an organism’s DNA. Example: Genetically modified organisms (GMOs)

4 + Alternating DNA A. Genes: small pieces of DNA that codes for a trait.

5 + Alternating DNA B. Enzymes: proteins that catalyze reactions. They are very specific to the substrate they act upon.

6 + Alternating DNA C. Splice: to join or connect

7 + Alternating DNA D. Plasmid: a circular, double-stranded unit of DNA that replicates within a cell independently of the chromosomal DNA.

8 + Alternating DNA E. Gene Splicing: Special enzymes are used to cut specific genes out of its surrounding DNA. Genes are inserted into a plasmid. Plasmid is then inserted into the deserved organism with the desired trait.

9 + Uses of Genetic Engineering A. Vaccines: gene splicing allows researchers to make vaccines with portions of viruses or bacterium without actually transmitting the illness.

10 + Uses of Genetic Engineering B. Gene Therapy: inserting functional genes into the cells that need them.

11 + Uses of Genetic Engineering C. Forensics: studying small sections of human DNA to link criminals to crime scenes.

12 + Uses of Genetic Engineering D. Cloning: creation of a genetically identical organism.

13 + Uses of Genetic Engineering E. GMOs: an organism whose genome has been altered so that its DNA contains one or more genes not normally found in the organism.

14 + Keystone Standard BIO.B.2.4.1: Explain how genetic engineering has impacted the fields of medicine, forensics, and agriculture (e.g., selective breeding, gene splicing, cloning, genetically modified organisms, gene therapy).

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