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Complex Systems Research Warsaw University of Technology

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1 Complex Systems Research Warsaw University of Technology
Center of Excellence for Complex Systems Research Warsaw University of Technology Faculty of Physics Coordinator: Prof. Janusz Hołyst, Objectives: interdisciplinary research in physics of complex systems, modelling and applications

2 The Centre was certified as a National Competence Centre in 2002
Research focus: sociophysics, econophysics, complex networks statistical physics in economy and social sciences. statistical models of emotions in e-communities , information and social dynamics in socio-techno networks, collective opinion formation, time series analysis

3 EU Projects in Center of Excellence for Complex Systems Research
FP7 EU ICT Integrated Project CYBEREMOTIONS – Collective Emotions in Cyberspace, , Euro PLN (Coordinator) COST Action MP0801 Physics of Competition and Conflicts, (v-ce Chair) FP6 EU NEST STREP CREEN, Critical events in evolving networks, , Euro  360 PLN (Coordinator) FP6 EU NEST STREP MMCOMNET (Measuring and modeling of complex networks across domains) , Euro + 612 100 PLN (Partner) COST Action P10: Physics or Risk, , PLN (v-ce Chair) ESF Project,167/ESF/2006/03, STOCHDYN, Stochastic dynamics: fundamentals and applications), , PLN (Partner) Coordination Action: GIACS, Complex systems (Partner) Coordination Action: ONCE-CS, Complex systems (Partner) Around 95% of Center budget comes from EU Projects

4 CREEN Critical Events in Evolving Networks
SIXTH EU FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME PRIORITY 8 - NEST –New and Emerging Science and Technology STREP - PATHFINDER Project, Start Date: 1 January 2005 Duration : 3,5 years Granted EU Contribution : Euro Coordination: Warsaw University of Technolgy

5 Collective Emotions in Cyberspace European Union Research Project
Participant organisation name Leader Country Specialization Warsaw University of Technology Janusz Holyst Poland Physics of complex systems Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne Daniel Thalmann Switzerland Computer animation University of Wolverhampton Michael Thelwall United Kingdom Webometrics Österreichische Studiengesellschaft für Kybernetik Robert Trappl Austria Artificial intelligence Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich Frank Schweitzer Complex systems modelling Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana Bosiljka Tadic Slovenia Computational physics Jacobs University, Bremen Arvid Kappas Germany Psychophysiology Technical University Berlin Matthias Trier Network visualization Gemius SA Kamila Kowalska Internet market research Large-scale integrating project ICT Call 3 Science of Complex Systems for socially Intelligent ICT Duration: 1 Feb 31 Jan 2013 EC funding 3.6 M€ CYBEREMOTIONS = data gathering + complex systems methods + ICT outputs Main aims to understand the process of collective emotions formation in e-communities to create decentralized adaptive tools to amplify positive or suppress negative collective emotions in e-societies to stabilize different ICT services by predicting negative emotions & minimizing their effects (long) to create theoretical background for the development of the next generation emotionally-intelligent ICT services using universal methods of complex systems (long).


7 muszą być tak trudne w Polsce?
Czy projekty badawcze UE muszą być tak trudne w Polsce? Janusz Hołyst, Przewodniczący Zarządu Krajowej Rady Koordynatorów Projektów Badawczych UE Sympozjum KRAB-a, maja 2010, IGiHZ PAN, Jastrzębiec k/Warszawy

8 Sekcja Polskiego Towarzystwa Fizycznego: Fizyka w Ekonomii i Naukach Społecznych (FENS)
Założenia programowe Zarząd i regulamin Członkostwo w Sekcji PTF FENS Bieżące działania i projekty Sympozja Sekcji PTF FENS: pierwsze, drugie, trzecie, czwarte, piąte Co fizyka może dać ekonomii i socjologii?




12 Negative emotion as a fuel for discussions at BBC Forum
Average length of the thread as a function of the absolute value of the average emotion valence of the first 10 comments Negative emotion as a fuel for discussions at BBC Forum Lenght of thread <x> <e> |<e>| absolute value of the average emotion valence of the first 10 comments Number of comments in the thread Emotional thread starts, whether positive or negative, usually lead to longer discussions Anna Chmiel, Pawel Sobkowicz, Julian Sienkiewicz, Georgios Paltoglou, Kevan Buckley, Mike Thelwall , Janusz A. Holyst Physica A, 2011

13 Swiss-Polish cohesion in Center of Excellence for Complex Systems Research
ETHZ: Prof. Dirk Helbing, social simulations, MMCOMNET project, FuturIcT project ETHZ: Prof. Frank Schweitzer, system design, complex networks, MMCOMNET, CYBEREMOTIONS and FuturIcT projects ETHZ: Prof. Didier Sornette, Collective firm bankruptcies and phase transition in rating dynamics, FuturIcT projects ETHZ: Prof. Stephan M. Wagner, Chair of Logistics Management, Modeling defaults of companies in multi-stage supply chain networks .

14 Centre contributions to FuturIcT objectives
coordination of Polish FuturIcT Hub organisation of Observatory of Conflicts and Emotions; developing a background for a next generation emotionally intelligent Web where human-computer interactions are improved by taking into account human affects and emotions . - Contribution to Crisis Observatory (collective risk estimations)

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