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PAIN RELIEF dōTERRA Essential Oils

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1 PAIN RELIEF dōTERRA Essential Oils

2 dōTERRA’s Wellness Philosophy
Our MISSION is to teach people to live more HEALTHY, PRODUCTIVE lives and to SHARE with others the BLESSINGS of a lifetime of WELLNESS.


4 Lifestyle PREVENTS disease Doctors TREAT symptoms and fix broken parts
(diet, exercise, rest, stress management, toxic exposure) Doctors TREAT symptoms and fix broken parts The body CURES disease and heals itself


6 Everyone will experience PAIN.
50 % of ER visits are PAIN related. More than 100 million Americans suffer from chronic PAIN. PAIN costs $600 billion a year in medical treatments and lost productivity.

7 The purpose of pain is to warn you of impending injury, or injury that has already occurred.


Somatic Bones Joints Connective Tissues Muscles Visceral Organs (heart, liver, pancreas, etc.) NEUROPATHIC Nerve Damage Alcoholism Amputation Back, leg, hip problems Chemotherapy Diabetes HIV/AIDS Multiple sclerosis Shingles Spine surgery

10 ACUTE Trigger Inflammation Tissue Damage BODY REPAIRS


12 Psychological Component
CHRONIC Trigger Inflammation Tissue Damage CYCLE REPEATS Psychological Component






18 TRIGGERS… Injury STRESS Pathogen Exposure Food Additives Bad Diet
Environmental Toxins Lack of Nutrients STRESS Medications

19 Solutions… Medication Lifestyle Psychological Complementary Therapy

20 Problems with Medication?
What are some of the problems of medicine? Masking symptoms or getting to the root of the problem? We are responsible. Watch video. I am guessing that many are here to find a solution

21 What is our BIGGEST Drug Problem?
“The biggest and fastest growing part of American’s drug problem is prescription drug abuse.” National Institute on Drug Abuse

22 “The number of overdose deaths from pain killers more than tripled from 1999 to 2006.”
Pharmacoepidemiology & Drug Safety

23 Utahns than automobile accidents.”
“Last year, unintentional prescription pain medication overdoses killed more Utahns than automobile accidents.” 

24 80% of reported disease is PREVENTABLE Preventable disease makes up
90% of all healthcare costs SOURCE: Iglehart, J.K. “The American Health Care System Expenditures.” The New England Journal of Medicine, 340: Jan 7, 1999

25 dōTERRA Wellness Lifestyle™


27 Essential Oils are a 100% Natural way to care for our health.
Essential Oils have been used for their medicinal benefits throughout history including in ancient Egypt and China. Essential Oils have similar properties and benefits as many synthetic medications (in fact many medications are copies of certain compounds in plants or essential oils). Essential Oils have NO side effects. (The synthetic drugs that copy essential oils are not perfect copies and therefore have side effects). 27

28 NOCICEPTIVE: Tissue Damage

29 Muscle Deep Blue Peppermint Wintergreen Birch Rosemary Marjoram
Lavender Roman Chamomile Helichrysum Frankincense Aromatouch Past Tense

30 Bone Deep Blue Peppermint Wintergreen White Fir Lavender Oregano
Cypress Helichrysum (broken) Frankincense Aromatouch Past Tense

31 Tendons/Ligaments/Cartilage
Lemongrass Deep Blue Wintergreen Birch White Fir Marjoram

32 Visceral Digestzen Peppermint Ginger Fennel Lavender Lemon
Zendocrine Blend Rosemary Basil Clove Myrrh Frankincense

33 Neuropathic: Nerve Damage

34 Nerve Damage Life Long Vitality AROMATOUCH TECHNIQUE Past Tense
Deep Blue Aromatouch Blend Balance Immortelle Serenity

35 Nerve Damage Peppermint (soothe/strengthens) Basil (stimulates)
Rosemary Eucalyptus Marjoram (soothes) Roman Chamomile Lavender Lemongrass (nerve damage) Helichrysum Frankincense Sandalwood Geranium (regenerates)

36 Suzanne  I was diagnosed with tension headaches about 12 years ago. Some days my headaches aren't too bad but sometimes I can be down for a couple of days with nausea and severe pain. A couple years ago it got pretty bad. I had more bad days than good days in a month. So my doctor put me on 5 different prescriptions. Ambien for sleep, a narcotic for pain, a muscle relaxant, an anti-seizure medicine, and an anti-inflammatory. It worked great for awhile until my body built up a tolerance to it and I needed to increase my dosages and go to the Ambien XR. 10 times more expensive!! I finally realized that I didn't want to be doing this for the rest of my life. Fortunately that was when I was introduced to essential oils. I am no longer on any of those prescriptions. I sleep at night thanks to Vetiver. Deep Blue, Peppermint, Marjoram, and Frankincense all help with the pain, tension, and inflammation. LLV is amazing as well! I don't like the smell of Past Tense so I don't use it on my head. I do use it on my muscle aches though  That's my story on pain and inflammation.

37 Frequency Matters Dr. Hills recommendation: Life Long Vitality
Appropriate Cleanses (GX Assist and PB Assist) Identify and eliminate triggers Consistency is the key to efficacy If you are not getting the results you want, try something else or a combination of essential oils. Continue in your pursuit for knowledge


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