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Effective Prayer Series

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1 Effective Prayer Series
Types Of Prayer

2 “It seems God is limited by our prayer life—that He can do nothing for humanity unless someone asks Him.” - John Wesley.

3 Text: Ephesians 6: & 18.

4 Review of Prayer Basics
God built procedures & safeguards into the prayer system to protect you from the thief (Satan). God’s Word & God’s will are the same and are not hidden from the believer. We are to pray always, not when we feel like it, or when in panic situation. Any person who knows how to pray effectively is free. Sin disqualifies a person from prayer.

5 Review of Prayer Basics
You are to speak what you believe according to God’s Word and He will answer your prayer. God doesn’t bring problems; Satan does. The eyes of God are open to those whom He has made right. When you pray, expect your prayer to be answered. Obedience puts you in line to receive God’s blessings.

6 Elements of The Believer’s Prayer Life.
Fervency: James 5:16-18; Rom. 12:11; Effective prayer involves fervency (having or showing great warmth or intensity of spirit, feeling, enthusiasm; hot, burning, or glowing). Desire: 2 Cor. 7:6-7; Effective intercession involves Earnest Desire to see the answer come. This becomes the paramount issue of the heart. We must yield to this desire when prompted.

7 Elements of The Believer’s Prayer Life.
Perseverance (or Persistence): Eph. 6:18; Luke 18:1; Col. 4:2. A vital ingredient of intercession making one not to stop or quit until the answer is given or the burden lifted. Fasting: 1 Sam. 10:7; 1 Cor. 7:5; Effective prayer sometimes involves fasting. There is no hard & fast rules, simply do as occasion serves you. Fasting doesn’t change God, but helps you.

8 Prayer of Dedication, Praise & Worship. Corporate or United Prayer.
Types of Prayer Prayer of Faith. Prayer of Dedication, Praise & Worship. Corporate or United Prayer. Prayer of Commitment. Prayer of Petition. Prayer of Agreement, Binding & Loosing. Prayer of Intercession. Praying in Tongues or in the Holy Ghost.

9 Matthew 21: 21-22; Mark 11:24; John 15:7.
The Prayer of Faith Matthew 21: 21-22; Mark 11:24; John 15:7. Jesus is talking about believing prayer & this is the prayer of faith. It applies primarily to a person’s life—personal situations and circumstances. You don’t use the phrase “if it be Thy will”, since His Word reveals His will. It depends completely on God’s Word.

10 The Prayer of Faith Your prayer of faith won’t always work for others. The other person’s will and faith are important. In praying this prayer, you have to declare your desire, believe it, receive it—see yourself with the result, and act on it. James 5:14 – This won’t work without you. This Scripture assumes you’re too weak to pray the prayer of faith yourself.

11 Confession of Faith My prayers are effective because I pray the promises I find in the Word of God. I am thankful to be a child of God, and I know His promises are to and for me. God, my Father, loves me as much as He loved Jesus and He is committed to answering my prayers. In Christ Jesus I have a right to believe. When I pray I am communicating and fellowshipping with God. I believe His Word and I receive the answers to my prayers as I pray, even now. Regardless of any weaknesses on my part, the grace of God gives me righteousness, right standing with God. I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. Amen.

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