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My Collection of Poems Chantanae Tanner.

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1 My Collection of Poems Chantanae Tanner

2 M Y <3 O No one compares to her She is the sun to my day
When I’m feeling down she knows exactly what to say She lends me her shoulder to bear all my tears And when I have problems she give me a listening ear She’s as important to me as the moon to the stars She is the one who pushes me to go far She loves me unconditionally through the good and the bad And it really hurts me to see her down and sad Without out my mom I wouldn’t know what to do And she holds my family together as if she was glue She is my best friend She walks me through this journey life while holding my hand She is teaching me how to be a lady and hold my own Because before I know it I will soon be grown I will love her till death do us part and beyond If I could I would give her an award for best mom She always tells me when I'm right or wrong And through her struggle she remains strong She is my world I love you mom

3 ”The poem “My Mom” which I, Chantanae Tanner, is the author of
”The poem “My Mom” which I, Chantanae Tanner, is the author of. In this poem I am expressing the love for my mother. I used the metaphor she is my world to show how much of an impact she has in my life. I also used a simile comparing the moon to the stars as my mom is to me to show her importance. In this poem I told how much I really cared and loved my mom. I expressed how long I would love her by using the allusion “till death do us part and beyond.” My Paragraph

4 “Me Against the World” “With all this extra stressing”
I never for a once stop counting my blessing Cause life is a cold world it could be much worse Life isn’t a movie so it cant be rehearsed And all the time things don’t go as planned So when I make mistakes I hope people understand Sometimes in the world I feel like I’m in a maze lost And for every mishap you have to pay a cost School sometimes can be my biggest struggle So I make getting good grades my biggest hustle In life you cant dwell on the past Use your time wisely because it passes by fast I always hold my head high and look forward Because a bright future is what I’m moving toward And everyday someone try's to stop my shine But regardless I’m going to get mine It me against the world The “Me against the world” which I, Chantanae Tanner, is the author of. This poem tells about the struggles and stress of everyday life. In line 7 I express how confusing things can get at times and how I feel trapped. In lines nine and ten I tell how hard school can get at times and how I make it my main priority to get good grades and focus in school. I also express how time is precious in lines 11 and 12. At the end of the poem I explain how I am going to succeed no matter what obstacle stands in.

5 My Love For You My Love For You
Like in fairytales you give me a happy ending And I have always loved you even from the beginning Your smile brightens my day And your love brings me joy in every way You are my everything And for you I world give anything I love looking in your eye It makes me feel all warm inside Your m prince and im your princess I want you to know that you are better than the best

6 My Paragraph The poem “My love for you” which I, Chantanae Tanner, is the author of. In this poem I expresses the love for a significant other. This poem can relate to others who wants to express their feelings. I used the allusion of happy endings and princesses to refer to fairytales. In lines 3 I express the way the significant other makes me happy. I also acknowledge how great they are in the very last line.

7 <3 A True Friend Someone to laugh with, perhaps to shed some tears
A person who’s been with you through all the years. Someone to shelter you from days that are cold A shoulder to lean on, a warm hand to hold . An arm to catch you if you slip and you fall And an ear for your problems whenever you call. Someone to share your giggles and your screams A person to tell all your secrets and dreams. Someone to hug you when you’re happy or sad To just be there in the good times or bad A person with whom you don’t have to pretend These are jobs of a very best friend. By Michele Davis

8 The poem “A True Friend” by Michele Davis is telling about the jobs of a best friend.
Davis uses an A and B rhyme scheme. She lets use know what a true best friend is, and the duties they should up hold. In lines 5 and 6 she says an arm to catch you if you fall, meaning they will be there to help with your mistakes and needs. She didn’t use many devices but has gotten the deeper meaning of the poem across without them. My Paragraph

9 Life Happens Bad hair days and mixed up romance Told that there’s gooey stuff stuck to your pants Getting a sister when you wanted a brother Finding that “life skills” is taught by your mother Slipping and falling and ripping your jeans Discovering your sister has ruined your things Sometimes life gives us days full of laughter And then we have some that are filled with disaster Some things that happen aren’t part of our plans We have to roll with it and just throw up our hands What life will bring next is predicted by none Which makes it exciting and often more fun By Irene Dunlap Life happens is a poem by Irene Dunlap that tells about life and day to day problems. Dunlap uses an A and B type rhyme scheme. This poems universal theme is that things don’t always go as planned but you have to make the best of it . Dunlap uses mishaps as examples of what may happen in someone's day and make it go wrong. The shift comes in line 11 when she tells how she handles it..

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