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Islam Test Review.

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1 Islam Test Review

2 What city do all Muslims want to go once in their lives?

3 What is a prophet? A messenger of God

4 What is a Muslim place of worship called?
A mosque

5 How many pillars of Islam are there?

6 What is the most important holiday in Islam?

7 Who are the “people of the book”?
Jews and Christians

8 What belief do Muslims, Christians, and Jews all share?
That there is one God

9 What does monotheism mean?
Belief in one God

10 Who was the prophet of Islam?

11 What are the people who practice Islam called?

12 What language was the Qur’an written in?

13 What food do Muslims not eat?

14 What beverage do Muslims do not drink?

15 How many times do Muslims pray a day?

16 What is fasting? Not eating for a period of time

17 Why do Muslims fast? they want to know what people who go without food feel like

18 What is the holy book of Islam called?
The Qur’an

19 What do Muslims have faith in?
Allah or God, and Muhammad being God’s last prophet

20 Who do Muslims believe they should share with?
The poor and less fortunate

21 What is the hajj? The pilgrimage to Mecca

22 What is the name of God to Muslims?

23 What does “jihad” mean? Holy war

24 What is never painted in Islam?
Allah and the face of Muhammad

25 What does Islam mean? Submission to God peace

26 How many people in the world practice Islam today?
1.3 billion and growing

27 Where was Muhammad born?
In Mecca

28 What was Mecca a leading center of?

29 What is the first Pillar of Islam?
Belief in one God

30 What is the Hajj? The pilgrimage to Mecca

31 The map below represents the military conquests associated with the spread of what major world religion?

32 In the 700s A.D., Arabian merchants played an important role in
converting large numbers of Western Europeans to Islam.

33 According to Islam, Muhammad was
the prophet through whom God revealed his final message.

34 How is Islam related to Judaism and Christianity?
All three faiths are monotheistic religions.

35 What does the word “caliph” mean?

36 Who were the caliphs? The leaders of Islam after Muhammad.

37 They are Muslim contributions to the field of medicine.
*First public hospital *Encyclopedia of drugs *Description of diseases *First pharmacy school What do the items in the above list have in common? They are Muslim contributions to the field of medicine.

38 What covers much of the Arabian Peninsula?

39 What two groups did Islam split into?
Sunni and Shi’a

40 Islam split after Muhammad’s death because he did not
name a successor.

41 What is one factor that helped spread Islam to other parts of the world?
Military conquest

42 What is an oasis? An area of water in the desert

43 What is a nomad? A person who moves from place to place

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