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Qualified Electrical Worker

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1 Qualified Electrical Worker
A qualified person is specifically trained in the hazards of working on energized parts and equipment. Receiving this training will help you recognize and avoid unsafe conditions and procedures.

2 Qualified Electrical Worker
Being qualified Depends on the equipment you’re working on Qualified to work on one type of equipment does not necessarily mean being qualified to work all equipment Means you are allowed to use test equipment Means you’re allowed to work on energized systems

3 Three Levels of Protection
There are three basic levels of protection necessary to work around electricity safely: Engineering danger out of the job Safe work practices Personal protective equipment (PPE)

4 Personal Protective Equipment
Select the proper equipment and check it periodically Select the proper tool for the voltage involved Use the appropriate personal protective equipment Wear the proper clothing and remove conductive jewelry

5 Portable Electric Equipment
Inspect your electrical tools: Check insulated grips for cracks , tears and worn spots Discard or replace home-made insulation Be sure safety guards or shields are in place Inspect portable extension cords

6 Overload Safe outlets are always grounded Beware of overload
More than two plugs per double outlet is overloaded Never overload any outlet

7 Symbols, Signs, and Barriers
Read and follow safety signs, symbols and barriers: Red: indicates stop bar and emergency cut-off switches Orange: marks dangerous exposed machine parts or electrical hazards. Yellow: calls for caution Green: shows where to find safety items

8 Wet Working Conditions
Never work with electricity if you or the work area has been exposed to water or wet weather If your work site is at all moist, locking connectors provide additional safety

9 Reenergizing Electrical Systems
Specific steps you must take before you reenergize electrical systems: Inspect the entire work area Warn co-workers Remove locks and tags

10 Employee Responsibilities
Avoiding overload on circuits Inspecting all equipment, cords, switches and components prior to each use Read and follow all safety signs, symbols, and barriers

11 Employee Responsibilities
Use proper lighting Follow good housekeeping with respect to tools and work areas Avoid wet working conditions Follow all lockout/tagout procedures

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