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Lockout/Tagout Authorized Employee. What Is Hazardous Energy? –Often invisible –Can be hydraulic or mechanical –Live or stored –Moving machine or equipment.

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1 Lockout/Tagout Authorized Employee

2 What Is Hazardous Energy? –Often invisible –Can be hydraulic or mechanical –Live or stored –Moving machine or equipment parts

3 Gravity Gravity can be hazardous energy and needs to be controlled. Lower items to the ground, or block them up if they can fall. Place chocks by wheels.

4 Hazardous Energy Injuries – 7,600 injuries per year – 80% of workers fail to turn off equipment – Causes: Unexpected start-up Release of stored energy Failure to lockout/tagout

5 Controlling Hazardous Energy – Follow lockout and tagout procedures – Prevent machinery or equipment from being turned on – Dissipate energy – Prevent a part of machinery or equipment from moving – Provide means of warning (tag)

6 Lockout/Tagout Regulations 29 CFR 1910.147 – “Authorized employee” who services machinery – “Affected employee” who operates machinery – “Other employee” near machinery and equipment

7 – Trained to perform locking or tagging procedures – No other employee can attach or remove lock or tag devices Authorized Employee

8 Authorized Employee Responsibilities – Repair or service equipment as needed – Ensure that all energy sources are locked out – Test equipment to verify residual energy is dissipated – Place tags & locks on equipment

9 Authorized Employee Responsibilities (cont.) –Obtain assistance when necessary –Remove locks and/or tags following lockout/tagout –Coordinate multishift repair

10 –Operates machinery or equipment –Aware of energy control procedures –Performs emergency procedures Affected Employee

11 Affected Employee Responsibilities – Notify maintenance – Leave all lockout/ tagout devices in place – Verify equipment is safe to operate – Ensure safety guards are in place and functioning – Follow all safety rules

12 – Circuit breaker – Pressure valve – Machine block – What’s wrong with this picture? Energy Isolation Device Isolate the equipment from the energy source Isolation device

13 Arc Flash Left Hand Rule Stand to the right side of the switch, not in front of the box. Grab the disconnect with your LEFT hand Turn your body and face away from the switch Close your eyes. Take a deep breathe and hold it. Then "throw" the disconnect lever.

14 Selector Switches Are Not Energy Control Devices They SHALL NOT be used to lockout equipment. Only two position (on-off) switches may be used as energy control devices.

15 Lockout Device Lock Block Chain Multilock hasp Wheel valve cover Ball valve cover Insert picture of devices

16 This IS NOT A Lockout Device and May Not Be Used for Controlling Hazardous Energy

17 Lockout Device Requirement 1910.147(c)(5)(ii)1910.147(c)(5)(ii)Lockout devices and tagout devices shall be singularly identified; shall be the only devices(s) used for controlling energy; shall not be used for other purposes; In other words, at KU Masterlock 6835RED may be used for LOTO only, it may not be used on lockers, toolboxes, etc.

18 When to Use Lockout/Tagout Devices Use lockout/tagout when: –Equipment needs servicing –Hazardous energy exists –Unexpected start-up could occur –When in doubt, LOCK IT OUT!

19 Actions That Trigger Lockout/Tagout – Removing or bypassing a safety device – Any part of the body is placed in harm’s way – Exposure to hazardous energy

20 Lockout/Tagout Exceptions – When hazardous energy does not exist – During routine production processes – Cord-controlled devices if the plug is under your control and within arm’s reach. If not use a plug cover. – Hot tap operations

21 Notify affected employees Shut down energized equipment Isolate energy sources Lock out or tag out Release stored energy Try to restart equipment. Lock-Tag-Try

22 Clean up and inspect equipment Clear personnel Notify affected employees of start-up Be sure all tools and other devices have been removed Restart Procedure © BLR ® —Business & Legal Resources 1301

23 Restart Procedure (continued) Remove lockout devices and reenergize the machine Ensure that all safety devices have been replaced Reactivate isolation devices Restart machinery or equipment

24 Standard Lockout & Tagout Devices NO OTHER LOCKS OR TAGS MAY BE USED! LOTO LOCKS MAY BE USED FOR LOCKOUT/TAGOUT ONLY! Masterlock 6835REDBrady 65367

25 Multi Shift Repairs The lead authorized employee, or designee, will leave his/her lock in place while all others are removed. Oncoming lead employee will ensure equipment is properly locked out. Off going lead will remove his/her lock in the presence of the oncoming lead. Oncoming lead will immediately install his/her lock.

26 Group Lockout If something must be locked and tagged out everyone working on that equipment must apply a lock and tag. There are two ways to do this: Multi-hasp Lock box

27 How to Use the Lock Box The lead apply authorized employee will apply locks to all required energy control devices, and place his/her keys in the box. The remaining authorized employees will verify that the equipment is properly locked out, and place their locks on the outside of the box, locking the lead employees’ key(s) inside. ONLY THE LEAD AUTHORIZED EMPLOYEE SHOULD PLACE THEIR KEYS IN THE BOX.

28 Removing a Lock When the Authorized Employee is Not at the Facility Lock removal must be authorized, in advance, by a supervisor or manager. Efforts must me be made to contact the authorized employee who is not at the facility, and documented on the Facilities Services Lock Removal Form. Information regarding lock removal must be given to the authorized employee before he/she resumes work at the University.


30 Reviewing the Basics LOTO must be used if equipment is subject to re- energization or accidental start up. LOTO locks may not be used for other purposes. Other locks may not be used for LOTO. Never remove someone else’s lock without following procedure on Lock Removal Form. Lock-Tag-Try. When in doubt, lock it out.


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