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Regular and Irregular Verbs

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1 Regular and Irregular Verbs

How do we form the past simple of regular verbs? VERB + ED Played Visited Watched I played volleyball yesterday.

3 NEGATIVE I did not play volleyball yesterday. (didn’t)
Subject +Did not / didn’t +Main verb (without -ed) I did not play volleyball yesterday. (didn’t)

4 INTERROGATIVE Did +Subject +Main verb (without -ed)
     INTERROGATIVE Did +Subject +Main verb (without -ed) Did you play volleyball yesterday?

5 IRREGULAR VERBS Do not add -ed in the past simple affirmative.
see – saw break – broke BUT they form the interrogative and negative with did, just like regular verbs. Did they go to France last year? They didn’t see the accident.

6 Ask and answer what they did yesterday
What did Mrs. Brown do yesterday? She watched TV. (To watch / watched)

7 What did Tom do yesterday?
He rode the bike. (To ride / rode)

8 What did the boys do yesterday?
They played football. (To play / played)

9 What did the girl do last weekend?
She read a book. (To read/read)

10 What did Tom and Henry do last night?
They ate hamburgers. (To eat/ate)

11 End

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