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Poetry A Review.

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1 Poetry A Review

2 Poetry differs from prose writing because…
It squeezes more meaning into fewer words. It also uses rhythm, and techniques such as meter and simile. It is often arranged in lines and stanzas as opposed to sentences and paragraphs. It can be more free with word order and the use of punctuation.

3 Strategies for Reading Poetry
1. Preview the poem. Read the title – it’s a great hint about the poem’s subject! Notice the poem’s form: its shape, its length of lines, and whether or not it has stanzas.

4 Strategies for Reading Poetry
2. Read the poem aloud. As you read, see if there is rhyme; listen for rhythm, as well as overall sound of the words in the poem. Pause at the ends of complete thoughts, not necessarily at the ends of lines. Look for punctuation to find the end of a complete thought.

5 Strategies for Reading Poetry
3. Visualize the images Picture the images and comparisons the poem makes. Do the images remind you of feelings or experiences you’ve had?

6 Strategies for Reading Poetry
4. Think about the words and phrases. Think about what the choice of words adds to the poem. Allow yourself to wonder about any words or phrases that seem to stand out. They are probably emphasized on purpose.

7 Strategies for Reading Poetry
5. Try to identify the theme. Ask yourself, what’s the point of this poem? What message is the poet trying to send or help you create?

8 Strategies for Reading Poetry
6. Let your understanding grow. Often, poems need to be read more than once. Pay attention to first impressions, but reread to add to your understanding. A third or fourth reading might clarify some details you missed at first.

9 “The Road Not Taken” Discussion Questions
What does the path represent? Why do you think the speaker stood for a long time examining both paths? Why does the speaker doubt he will ever “come back” to this fork? Why does the speaker tell the story with a sigh later in life? Why is the title of the poem not “The Road Less Traveled”?

10 Elements of Poetry Poetry is the most compact form of literature. A poem packs all kinds of ideas, feelings and sounds into a few carefully chosen words. The look, sound, and language of poetry all work together to create a total effect.

11 Elements of Poetry Form
The way a poem looks or is arranged on the page. Poets choose the arrangement of words and lines deliberately. The form of a poem can add to its meaning.

12 Elements of Poetry 2. Lines
Poetry is written in lines, which may or may not be sentences. Can be devised of one word or many words.

13 Elements of Poetry 2. Lines
Poetry is written in lines, which may or may not be sentences. Can be devised of one word or many words. Lines are often formed for their rhythmic flow. May contain a common number of syllables as other lines. May contain a similar rhyming pattern as other lines.

14 Elements of Poetry 3. Stanzas (a poetry paragraph)
Sometimes lines of poetry are separated in to groups called stanzas Stanzas are a way of grouping or dividing lines. A poem may consist of one or many stanzas.

15 Elements of Poetry How many stanzas are in the poem “The Road Not Taken”? What type of stanzas are in “The Road Not Taken”? What is the rhyming pattern of the stanzas in “The Road Not Taken”?

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