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Chapter 11 Management Functions & Decision Making

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1 Chapter 11 Management Functions & Decision Making
Nature of Management Supervision Using Management Information Systems Decision making Process

2 Management Management - the process of accomplishing the goals of an organization through the effective use of people and other resources. Management Activities - Planning - analyzing information & making decisions about what needs to be done. Organizing - determining how plans can most effectively be accomplished and arranging resources to complete work. Implementing - carrying out plans and helping employees to work effectively Controlling - evaluating results to determine if the company’s objectives have been accomplished as planned.

3 Management Activities
Planning Controlling Organizing Implementing

4 Management Employees Manager - completes all four management functions on a regular basis and has the authority over all jobs and people Supervisor - first level of management in most companies. Main job is to direct the employees Executive - top-level manager who spends most of their time on management functions Mid-Manager - completes all management functions, but spends most of the time on the function of planning or controlling, or is responsible for a specific part of the company’s operations.

5 Organizational Structure
Top management Executives Middle management Managers Supervisors Lower Level Workers

6 Supervision Supervisors - are critical to the success of the business. They work directly with the employees and are responsible for translating the company’s plan into action Supervisors Job - responsible for the day-to-day activities of the company’s employees. They implement decisions of management and must solve employee problems and present concerns to management.

7 Supervisor Responsibilities
Communicate the Goals and Directions of management to employees - Good supervisors show employees the importance of the company’s goals Explain Employee Concerns & Ideas to management employees need to feel important and that their opinions will be considered by management Evaluate & Improve Employee Performance Make sure that employees are performing as effectively as possible. Encourage & Motivate Employees Use Resources Effectively - operate efficiently

8 Decision Making Process
Identify the Problem - List the Possible Solutions - Brainstorming Analyze the Solutions - list the strengths and weaknesses of each Select the Best Solution Implement the Solution Monitor the Progress

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