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The Civil War The Crisis Unfolds

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1 The Civil War The Crisis Unfolds
What were the ultimate conflicts between the North and South that led the United States to go to war with itself? Can you stop the War?

2 How will it affect the well being of United States?
Slavery… Issue # 1 How will it affect the well being of United States?

3 Illustrations of Slavery published in the Emancipator, September 2, 1839

4 “Horrid Massacre in Virginia,” an illustration of Nat Turner’s Slave Rebellion

5 Runaway Slaves

6 Map of the United States in 1848

7 Issue: #1 The Compromise of 1850
It is Congress is in an uproar over California and slavery. You will need all your skills as a compromiser to settle this conflict and keep the nation from flying apart…

8 Map of the United States showing the Compromise of 1850
Fugitive Slave Law Created a stronger slave law for slaveholders Daniel Webster on secession: Due to this compromise, many southern states talked of secession… “Secession! Peaceful Secession! Your eyes and mine are never destined to see that miracle… I see it as plainly as I see the sun in heaven – I see that secession must produce such a war as I will not describe.” California was admitted into the Union as a free state… this would please the North The territories of New Mexico and Utah would be organized as territories open to slavery… this would please the South Slave trade, not slavery, was abolished in Washington D.C.

9 Aftermath of The Compromise
Issue # 2 After the Compromise of 1850, What factors prove to bring out the true feelings of the U.S. on slavery?

10 Poster warning the colored people of Boston to beware of slave catchers

11 Cover of Uncle Tom’s Cabin

12 Map of the United States in 1854

13 Painting of violence in “Bleeding Kansas

14 “Southern Chivalry” a Northern view of the beating of Charles Sumner by Preston Brooks

15 Portrait of Dred Scott

16 Issue # 2 The Dred Scott Case
The Supreme Court is considering the case of Dred Scott, a slave who is suing for his freedom. Consider the arguments on each question in this difficult case. Then come up with a decision you can all live with…

17 Portrait of Chief Justice Roger Taney
3. Congress (Federal Govt) has a responsibility under the Constitution to protect property rights… which, in this case, is slave owners. 1. Scott could not sue for freedom in federal court because he was NOT a citizen 2. No African American, whether free or slave, could become an American citizen 3. The 5th amendment says “property” cannot be taken from people without “Due Process.” If Congress bans slavery in territories, the effect is the same as taken property away from slave owners.

18 The formation of the Republican Party
Issue # 3 How did the formation of the Republican Party ultimately cause the split of the Union?

19 Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas

20 Portrait of John Brown

21 Map showing the Election results of 1860

22 Secession Issue # 3 It is the end of Lincoln has just been elected president. The slave states are talking about secession (leaving the union). Your job is to find some compromise on slavery that will prevent civil war.

23 The Bombardment of Fort Sumter

24 The Civil War Begins 1. 2. UNION CONFEDERCY
Abraham Lincoln (Republican) became president causing South Carolina to Secede The Firing on Fort Sumter, a fort occupied and controlled by the federal government, in a Confederate state

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