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Poetry for Children Chapter 7.

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1 Poetry for Children Chapter 7

2 What is Poetry? Lang. with intense feeling & imagery
Qualities of sound that bounce pleasingly off the tongue tickle the ear leave the mind something to ponder Affecting honing of sound and meaning

3 Categories of Poetry for Children
Nursery Rhymes & Jump-Rope Rhymes Folk Songs Lyric or Expressive Poems Narrative Poems Nonsense Verse Form Poems - Limericks, Haiku, Concrete Dialogue Poems Free Verse

4 Elements of Poetry Sounds - rhythm & rhyme Alliteration Images Forms

5 Choosing Good Poetry Sound - If rhyme is present, should be exact. Rhythms, if present should be consistent but not monotonous. Images - Bring clear images to mind. Insight - Surprises with fresh or wise observations

6 Children’s Preferences
Narrative form is liked by all ages Free verse & Haiku are the most disliked Prefer poems that contain rhyme, rhythm, and sound Children most like humor, familiar experience, and animals Prefer contemporary poems Don’t like extensive figurative language and visual imagery

7 Expanding Taste in Poetry
Share poetry informally with students just for enjoyment Promote poetry by having children practice choral speaking and performance Encourage students to write poetry.

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