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H EALTHY P REGNANCY. E ARLY S IGNS OF PREGNANCY Signs occur within a few weeks of conception. Missed menstrual period (often the first indicator) Full.

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2 E ARLY S IGNS OF PREGNANCY Signs occur within a few weeks of conception. Missed menstrual period (often the first indicator) Full feeling or mild ache in lower abdomen Tiredness or faintness A frequent, urgent need to urinate Swollen breast, causing discomfort or tenderness Nausea or vomiting (usually in the morning) If a women believes she is pregnant, she should take a test as soon as possible.

3 M EDICAL CARE Once pregnancy is determined, go to a health care provider. Obstetrician- a doctor who specializes in pregnancy and childbirth. 1 st Exam: Check your health and medical history Analyze urine for signs of infection or diabetes Blood test for Anemia A condition that results from not having enough red blood cells. Symptoms: fatigue, shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, and feeling cold and weak.

4 T HE F IRST E XAM Rh Factor- certain protein Determined genetically (done by a blood test) If the mother’s blood does not have the protein and the fetus’s blood does, the mother will build antibodies which will attach the protein. Does not affect first pregnancy, but can endanger future pregnancies. Prevention- receive injection that will prevent the antibodies from forming. Check woman’s immunity to rubella

5 C ALCULATING D UE DATE Approximate Date Nine months + one week after the first day of her final period before pregnancy = baby’s due date. Two week grace period The baby can be born 2 weeks before or after expected date.

6 M EDICAL C ARE Periodic checkups (prenatal visits) 1 st to 6 th month- once a month 7 th to 8 th month- twice a month Final month- every week 24 th to 28 th week of pregnancy, most women take a glucose tolerance test to determine: Gestational Diabetes- a form of diabetes that only occurs during pregnancy. If left untreated, the baby will be heavier than normal. Goes away after the baby is born Can be controlled through a special diet and medication.

7 P REECLAMPSIA Another serious condition that occurs during the second half of pregnancy. A condition characterized by high blood pressure and the presence of protein in the mother’s urine. Prevents the baby from getting enough blood which provides oxygen and food. Treatment- depends on how far along the pregnancy is. Bed rest and medication

8 D ISCOMFORTS OF PREGNANCY Nausea or Vomiting Sleepiness Heartburn Shortness of breath Varicose Veins- pressure on the blood vessels in the legs. Muscle Cramps in the Legs Lower Back Pain

9 S ERIOUS C OMPLICATIONS Vaginal bleeding Unusual weight gain Excessive thirst Diminished need to urinate or pain during urination Severe abdominal pain Persistent headaches Severe vomiting Fever Increased vaginal mucus Swelling of the face, hands, or ankles Blurred vision or dizziness Prolonged backache

10 H EALTH D URING P REGNANCY Mothers-to-Be Daily Routines: Eat a well-balanced diet Exercise moderately Get plenty of sleep Practice good hygiene Manage Stress Manage Emotional Adjustments Avoid depression

11 N UTRIENTS IN P REGNANCY Protein- vital to baby’s growth and development of bones and teeth. Also, keeps mom healthy. EX: meat, poultry, fish, dry beans, nuts, eggs, tofu Folic Acid- normal spinal development in fetus. Mothers need twice the normal amount. Dark leafy greens (spinach, romaine lettuce), broccoli Vit. A- ensures proper eye development and healthy skin. Orange vegetables- carrots, summer squash Vit. B- general fetal development. grains

12 N UTRIENTS IN P REGNANCY Vit. C- build healthy teeth and gums; helps form connective tissue of skin, bone, and organs. Citrus fruits- oranges Vit. D- aids in the creation of bones and teeth. Milk and other milk products Iron- prevent anemia and assists in developing the baby’s own blood supply. Dried beans, raisins, dates, meat, leafy greens Calcium & Phosphorus- work together to produce strong bones and teeth. Also to ensure regular elimination of waste from the body. Milk and other dairy products

13 N UTRITION AND P REGNANT T EENS Teens’ bodies have special nutritional needs because the are still developing. Essential for a teen’s own body and her growing baby to get all the nutrients for proper growth and development. Nutrients important for pregnant teens: Calcium- essential for growing bones. Iron- helps carry blood to all parts of the body.

14 S PECIAL D IETS - L ACTOSE I NTOLERANT Lactose- type of sugar found in milk. Lactose Intolerant- not able to digest lactose. Symptoms: if milk products cause symptoms such as abdominal pain and gas. Lactase- an enzyme that helps digest lactose. Eating foods with lactase, such as yogurt, helps some people digest milk.

15 W EIGHT G AIN DURING PREGNANCY Healthy Pregnancy- 24 to 30 lbs. Recommended weight gain: Months 1 st – 3 rd : one pound per month Months 4 th – 9 th : three to four pounds per month Gaining too little weight = increase risk of fetal death or premature birth. Gaining too much weight = added stress on the mother’s body and increase risk of complications.

16 H EALTH D URING P REGNANCY Steps to Manage Stress 1. Avoid sugary foods and caffeine 2. Exercise 3. Take a time-out 4. Practice relation techniques 5. Talk about concerns 6. Take a class for expectant parents

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