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European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures

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2 European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures

3 ESFRI roadmap Infrafrontier – animal disease models BBMRI – biobanking
EATRIS – translational research ECRIN – clinical trials ELIXIR – bioinformatics Infrafrontier – animal disease models INSTRUCT – structural biology EU-OPENSCREEN – chemical biology BLS4 – high security labs Euro-BioImaging - bioimaging EMBRC – marine biology First First First roadmap roadmap roadmap 35 projects in 2006 in 2006 in 2006 Update in Dec 2008 + 10 projects

4 Grand Challenges - Understand genetic and environmental impact
on human health - Develop novel strategies for diagnosis, prevention and therapies

5 Why mouse? Mouse genome fully sequenced
95% similarity of the genes of mice and men Easy to breed and handle in captivity Extensive toolbox for manipulating the mouse genome Child an mouse with the ‘piebald’ trait, a disorder of human development associated with the c-kit gene (Picture from Current Biology 2[3]:161) Current Biology

6 Mouse models achieve high impact
Why mouse? Publications on ‘Mouse Models’ Mouse models achieve high impact

7 The challenge Shortage on capacities and access:
Phenotyping (characterising mouse models) Mouse Clinics EUMODIC, Infrafrontier Archiving and Dissemination of mice and data Repositories EMMA, Infrafrontier

8 Required capacities Phenotyping Archiving and distribution 1500 p.a.

9 Infrafrontier: two main parts
Phenomefrontier Archivefrontier Archivefrontier/EMMA Systemic Phenotyping Archiving / Distribution + emerging centres + emerging centres Access to phenotyping data and mouse models Access to phenotyping services, data and mouse models

10 Capacity building required!

11 Osteogenesis imperfecta
A group of genetic bone disorders ... Noted People with OI Jazz pianist Michel Petrucciani Actor writer and ethicist Peter Radke... In the mouse model: Bisphosphonate treatment … reverses bone phenotype … but does not lower mortality

12 The German Mouse Clinic
Nature Methods 2005, Nature Genetics 2005, Nature Genetics 2008, Cell 2009

13 Mouse model for Osteogenesis imperfecta
- Mutation in collagen I Bone phenotype Mineralisation defect Bone deformity fractures Beaded ribs Reduced Bone mineral content & decreased bone mineral density Systemic Lung phenotype Heart phenotype Reduced fat mass & increased lean mass Metabolic alterations

14 Infrafrontier partners
12 European Countries + Canada Research Institutions + Funding Agencies

15 Infrafrontier partners

16 Smaller Project Large Project Infrastructure

17 Very large Project: International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium (IMPC)

18 Infrafrontier and IMPC
Keep in mind: Infrafrontier is a BMS research infrastructure, NOT a single project Infrafrontier has a different and broader portfolio than IMPC (infrastructure for bottom-up and top-down projects) State of the art research infrastructures are highly dynamic entities

19 Infrafrontier preparatory phase
Official start: March 2008 36 months until: February 2011 4.5 Mio € funding by the European Commission

20 Infrafrontier implementation

21 Infrafrontier implementation

22 Access to mouse resources and data

23 Operation Costs ES Cell Distribution ? € per line User Fees 500 –700 €
Mouse Archiving 3,500 – 4,400 € per line Mouse Distribution 1,100 – 2,100 € per line User Fees 1,100 – 1,700 € Cohort Breeding 23,000 – 30,000 € per line Phenotyping 15,000 – 20,000 € per line User Fees to be developed

24 New mouse clinics and EMMA nodes
Established facilities New facilities

25 Integration of national & European funds
Funding Strategy Integration of national & European funds National infrastructure funds European Projects National and Technology Development Operation Personnel Physical Infrastructure

26 Decentralised funding model
European Commission MS Central Coordination MS MS MS MS MS MS = Member State

27 Governance Infrafrontier ERIC (Boards)

28 Governance Infrafrontier ERIC (Tasks)

29 More Information ….

30 Resource Sharing Policy
The Rome Agenda: “Funding organizations should … cover the costs of deposition of materials arising from projects as part of the project budget.” “Funding agencies should … ensure appropriate data-sharing plans at the outset of projects …”

31 More Information …. Helmholtz Zentrum München Coordinator:
Prof. Dr. Martin Hrabé de Angelis Project Office: Dr. Michael Raess Dr. Ana de Castro Helmholtz Zentrum München Institute of Experimental Genetics Ingolstädter Landstrasse 1 85764 Neuherberg


33 Scope of Activities

34 Constructing Required Capacities
EMMA Repository Initial Investment (100 mouse lines): ~ 6,600,000 € for Construction ~ 2,000,000 € for Equipment Adding capacities for 100 lines ~ 1,300,000 € Mouse Clinics Initial Investment (100 mouse lines): ~ 15,000,000 € for Construction ~ 5,000,000 € for Equipment Adding capacities for 100 lines ~ 6,500,000 €

35 Maintaining Capacities
EMMA Repository Cryo-Archive (100 mouse lines): ~ 10,000 € per year Maintaining and Updating Equipment ~ 10% of Purchasing Price per year Mouse Clinics Maintaining and Updating Equipment ~ 20% of Purchasing Price per year

36 Infrafrontier project – key objectives
Preparation to meet increasing demands for phenotyping and archiving – capacity building Developing a business plan based on a sustainable funding concept Identification of the most suitable legal form Providing a strategic plan for the construction phase Reaching a legal agreement between all partners

37 Key deliverables     WP2 – Strategy and Governance
WP3 – Legal Work WP4 – Financial Work & Funding Implementation Preparatory Phase Strategic Plan Draft Strategic Plan Update WP2 WP4 Finance Business Plan WP3 Legal Work Legal status MoU

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