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Carrier Pre-Select Meeting BT Systems Interface Roadmap

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1 Carrier Pre-Select Meeting BT Systems Interface Roadmap
Graham Crane 18th September 2007

2 Cautionary Statement BT's 21st Century Network is still in the process of development and the subject of consultation. The information in this presentation may be subject to change' The purpose of this session is to cover: Background to the Workshop Scope & Objectives of the Day Agenda Mention the voting & texting

3 21CN Systems Architecture Roadmap & Example Interface
Contents/Agenda 21CN Systems Architecture Roadmap & Example Interface Detailed documents / Further Information Enabling the eMarket - Detail 1. Future Industry model needs standards for processes, data & technology Moving to automated multi-service multi-supplier industry Need to move from multiple incompatible gateways, data and processes to fewer standard product agnostic data, gateways and processes 2. Consult(21) on future gateways Agree principles & capture requirements for future gateways Roadmap to consult on changes 3. NICC to agree standards Agree standards, best practice & governance Builds on existing work like EMP & consutl21 Takes account of any existing UK or international standards Update with feedback from real projects and capability development 4. Engagement with real projects & stakeholders Not just shelf-ware use on real projects, eg WBBC, BTW & Openreach gateways Engagement across BT and CPs, eg 21CN, 21CCE, Industry Forums, LoBs, 1IT, product teams, etc 5. Utilises & enables capabilities, reuse and agile working Standards & real projects used to create capabilities from reusable system and process components Capabilities exposed via Service Development Tool Kits (SDK) being developed in web21C programme Agile working techniques, hothouses, etc used and included in best practice 6. Industry forums can concentrate on commercials & requirements Delivery through common capabilities enabled by NICC standards 7. Continuous improvement By reviewing and aligning standards, real projects and capabilities

4 BT’s Platform Architecture – The Matrix
Systems Investment and development for 21CN is aligned to a common architecture – we call it the “matrix architecture” The architecture defines the systems into 14 platform areas covering discrete functions It separates customer, service & network into layers across defined application interfaces It supports both new and old networks & services It is designed to protect our customers from underlying technology changes & allow them to embrace 21CN facilities as they choose 21CN (& implementing the “Undertakings”) are accelerating BTs transformation of systems throughout the architecture, but today we will concentrate on changes that impact you the customers, ie The collaboration platform


6 Figure 1: Roadmap Outline – Driving Change Programme
Key: Firm Plans Figure 1: Roadmap Outline – Driving Change Programme Concept BT Wholesale Openreach 2006/07 2007/08 2008/09 2009/10 2010/11 Undertakings/EOI Physical Separation of BT Systems 21C CE (Customer Experience) 21CN Remake Our Portfolio Gateway Impacts BT Wholesale: North Side Migration Apr 07 Onwards wBC Apr 08 Other products tba Openreach: EMP June 06 WLR Dec 06 ISDN Sept 07 ONES Sept 07 ISDN Dec 07 VLA Q3/4 08 Strategic Gateways Built 21CN Product Migration1 Current Gateway Closures2 Note 1: This migration follows undertaking/EOI ones Note 2: Not yet planned and will be subject to industry negotiation

7 Raise/modify/cease Order
Example of new Systems Interfaces – based on Wholesale Broadband Connect (WBC) CP Systems Customer Services XML BTWholesale Portal B2B Gateway Service Availability Raise/modify/cease Order Diagnostics Raise Fault CRM (OneSiebel)

8 Strategic Changes – WBC Example Our vision and how it will impact CPs
More interactive B2B interface – no longer need to poll for responses, responses to pushed back by BTW Improving Scalability and Resiliency of the B2B Gateway – deploying a B2B gateway with greater scalability and resilience Greater consistency of interfaces – Provision and fault B2B interfaces currently use different technology. Provision interface to use same technology as current Fault interface for WBC Consistent experience across BT Products – similar B2B interface as is used for Openreach products SMPF/MPF Updating your interface with us - to use more up to date technology – e.g. using later versions of Siebel, browser-based client -no client deployment needed. Consistent across UK Industry – Aligned with Consult21 & NICC B2B

9 Customer systems interface (B2B) roadmap document
Roadmap Structure: Introduction Roadmap Outline – 1-5 years Collaboration Platform / B2B Target Architecture Dialogue Services Governance EoI/Undertakings & 21CN inter-working & dates Requirements, Issues & Next Steps Pathfinder & 21CN Migration Further information Annexes Planned changes & consultations Pathfinder Interface Impacts - Product by Product 21CN Products Interface by Interface plans

10 Open roadmap & go through Annexes 1 & 2
Roadmap – More Detail Annex 1: Outline Roadmap Undertakings Separation 21C Customer Experience 21C Products Pathfinder If required Open roadmap & go through Annexes 1 & 2 See Roadmap on Consult21 Systems & Process WG pages for more detail Please Note: The roadmap is a summary of current known plans and a guide at the time of publication. Formal notifications of change will come out through the normal product channels or via the Consult21/21CN migration plan consultations as appropriate;

11 Links to Detailed information
BTW Gateways BT Wholesale B2B Gateway BT Wholesale B2B Gateway News BT Wholesale Gateway Migration Eco Broadband Eco Order Eco Repair See also NICC B2B Forum - Published Documents Openreach Gateways Including EMP Openreach Wholesale Line Rental 2 (WLR2) LL Product & LLU Technical Other Openreach Products Source: NICC

12 Further Information Consult21 Systems & Processes working Consultations, issues, requirements to date Systems Interface Roadmap Document NICC Work plan & progress Standards & ways of working established to date Next steps – T2R, L2C, etc Useful Links

13 Close Thank you

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