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Preparation guide for beginners How does SzeMUN work? How to prepare?

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1 Preparation guide for beginners How does SzeMUN work? How to prepare?

2 MUN = Model United Nations
How does SzeMUN work? MUN = Model United Nations At an MUN, students (delegates) simulate the work of the United Nations. To learn more about the UN, please take a look at our ‘Useful links’ page on the website.

3 Our six committees are:
Each delegate represents a country in one of our six committees on the first day (6 April) and in the first half of the second day (7 April). One country is represented by only one delegate in the committees! Our six committees are: 1. Security Council 2. Human Rights Council 3. UN Disarmament Commission 4. UN Development Programme 5. UN Environment Programme 6. International Olympic Committee

4 On the second half of the second day (7 April) and on the third day (8 April), all committees are united in one big committee: the General Assembly (GA). In the GA, the delegates of each country unite as well – which means that all delegates who represented France for example in each committee will now represent France together, as a delegation.

5 In the committees: one delegate represents one country

6 In the General Assembly: one country is represented by more delegates (2-6), thus delegations are formed

7 So the schedule is: 1st day: 6 April, Wednesday Committee work 2nd day: 7 April, Thursday First half: Committee work (9:00-13:00) Second Half: General Assembly (14:00-18:00) 3rd day: 8 April, Friday: General Assembly

8 What happens in a committee?
The purpose of each committee is to discuss its issue. What are the issues at SzeMUN 2011? Security Council: The Situation on the Korean Penninsula UNDC: Regulation of modern day weaponry and future weapon systems UNHRC: Enforcing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Rights UNDP: The misuse of development aid UNEP: Combating Climate Change IOC: Selection of Host City for the XXXII Summer Olympic Games (2020) To learn more about the issues, please visit the „Committees” section on our website.

9 What is the purpose of the discussion?
The purpose of the discussion is to: Start a debate Form opinions Learn more about the given issue Learn to cooperate Learn to express yourself And in the end: to accept a resolution about the issue.

10 What is a resolution? A United Nations resolution is a formal text adopted by a United Nations (UN) body. These resolutions reflect the opinion of the committee on the issue and on its possible solution. When issues are controversial, it is hard to find a solution that fits every country. To learn more about resolutions, please visit the Conference (How to Prepare) section of our website.

11 2. How to prepare? First you need to research the United Nations.
- What is the UN? - How does it work? - What are the purposes of the UN? You can find more information in our „Useful links” and „How to prepare” sections on the SzeMUN website.

12 Then, you need to research your represented country.
Look at the CIA World Factbook for a general overview on your country, and for figures and statistics as well. Check out news and media sources for recent developments in your country.

13 When you’re done, research your committee topic
When you’re done, research your committee topic. You can take a look at the description and the links given on the SzeMUN website about your issue. You can also use the useful links section of our website to research the problem on your own.

14 You need to combine your country’s views with the committee topic.
What is the problem? How does it affect your country? • What has your country done to combat the problem? • What are the various “sides” in the debate? • Which aspects of the issue are most important to your country? • If your country is not involved with the issue, how can it become involved? • How will your country shape the debate at the conference? • What arguments will other countries make?

15 Do you have any ideas on how to solve the issue?
Write a draft resolution. A draft resolution is a draft document containing your ideas and possible solutions. If you can convince other members of your committee, your draft can be turned into a resolution. If you find someone at the conference with whom you agree: merge his/her draft with yours, and fight for the cause together. Since countries have different interests, it is quite sure that opposing groups will form in each committee.

16 All in all: Research the UN system Research your country
Research the issue of your committee Combine your country’s views with the issue Come up with a possible solution Write a draft resolution about it Be prepared to defend your draft resolution and to find allies in your committee.

17 How to prepare for the General Assembly (GA)?
Since you will be working together with the members of your delegation in the GA, you will need to prepare together. If you haven’t met your delegation members yet (you have applied as a delegate), you can keep in touch with your teammates on the internet. We will give you their contact information.

18 What is the issue to be debated at the GA?
Reforming the United Nations How to prepare? The same way as you prepare for your committee work. Research your country Research the issue Combine your country’s views with the issue Come up with a possible solution Write a draft resolution Make sure that all members of the delegation know what views the delegation will represent in the GA.

19 Is there anything else you need to know?
Just a few general rules: The conference has a dress code. You need to be polite and official: learn the modes of address. Practice your public speaking in advance. More info:

20 See you in April! The Organizers

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