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Impersonal and Passive “Se” Sra. Kimbrough Spanish 2 WHS.

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1 Impersonal and Passive “Se” Sra. Kimbrough Spanish 2 WHS

2  In English, you will hear statements like… One should always be careful. You have to study to get good grades. How do you spell that word? In these sentences, are we talking about ACTUAL PEOPLE? No, they are IMPERSONAL statements. The Impersonal “SE”

3  To make an impersonal statement in Spanish, put the verb in the él/ella form and put “se” in front of it. Se estudia mucho en la clase de historia. ¿Cómo se dice “hat” en español. Se puede comprar hamburguesas en la cafetería. The Impersonal “SE”

4  Práctica – Traduzcan las frases How do you do the homework. You go to HEB in order (para) to buy food. You say goodbye when you leave (salir). One can buy books in the bookstore. The Impersonal “SE” ¿Cómo se hace la tarea? Se va a HEB para comprar comida. Se dice “adios” cuando se sale. Se puede comprar libros en la librería.

5  In English, we have a passive and active voice.  The active voice has the subject doing something, while the passive voice uses the verb “to be”  Example:  I read the book (active)  The book is read (passive). The Passive “SE”

6  Try to change these active voices to the passive voice. They speak Spanish  We sell bikes  I sing songs  You do the homework  The Passive “SE” Spanish is spoken. Bikes are sold. Songs are sung. The homework is done.

7  To use the passive voice in Spanish…  The sentence starts with “se”  The verb is conjugated according to the object (él/ella or ellos/ellas)  The object comes last. Books are read  Se leen libros. The Passive “SE” The homework is done.  Se hace la tarea.

8  Traduzcan las frases.  Spanish is spoken.  Fruits are sold.  Talking is prohibited.  Cars are bought. The Passive “SE” Se habla español. Se venden frutas. Se prohibe hablar. Se compran carros/coches.

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