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Coach Transportation Ticketing System

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1 Coach Transportation Ticketing System

2 Functions BusTicketPro is a full scaled hosted ticketing system for
Coach Operators and/or Coach Terminals with the following set of functions: Ticketing (cashier desks, agencies,internet.); Routes, schedules, tariffs, discounts management; Information service (schedule, tariffs, discounts, seats availability); Actual arrival/departure time registration; Special situations treatment; Reports; Data export to the accounting system; POS-terminal or fiscal printer data exchange; BusEurope compatibility.

3 BusTicketPro schema DataBase Ticket booking and selling Dispatcher
Cashier Desks; Dispatcher (arrival/departure time registration) Information Service Agencies Route management DataBase Accounting System User management External Systems Home page Schedule and/or ticketing Reports Contract management

4 Benefits For Coach Operators/Terminals: New level of customer service;
Reduced ticketing and administrative cost; New distribution channels; New income source; Real time data availability; Statistical analysis readiness; For passengers: New level of service; Ability to get actual information and purchase tickets 24/7/365.

5 Software as a Service (SAAS) approach
BusTicketPro is a hosted application that is offered to customer on a subscription basis and includes all the IT infrastructure (hardware, software) and support services (IT staff) necessary to deliver it. Application is hosted at a data center and accessed over the Internet. The use of it eliminates the cost and complications of traditional software ownership while providing full scale application functionality along with the latest in technology and security. We look after the technology – so you don’t have to.

6 SAAS approach advantages
Instant and continuous access to the latest technology you need to run your business – without the risks, cost and administrative responsibilities associated with developing and maintaining the required IT infrastructure; Improved ability to focus resources on core business issues, rather than IT concerns; Faster implementation of new applications and technologies – with reduced risk to your existing system environment and bottom line; Ability to scale and deploy rapidly to meet growing business needs; Сomprehensive security, back up, disaster recovery and support services; Eliminate the purchase, installation, upgrading and maintenance of software and hardware.

7 What does it cost? Installation fee includes: Localization;
POS-terminal or fiscal printer integration; Staff training. Monthly subscription fee includes: System maintenance and support; “Hot Line” availability. Subscription fee is based on the amount of the tickets sold through the system. Customization fee – additional development cost on hourly basis.

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