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Live & Work in the Czech Republic David Chlupacek, EURES adviser.

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1 Live & Work in the Czech Republic David Chlupacek, EURES adviser

2 Looking for job in CZ Geographical aspect Working conditions TO Dos Czech labour market Contents

3 Looking for job Various ways Public Services internet portal of Labour offices and Ministry of labour contact with Labour office in person Private Services private employment / recruitment agencies commercial internet job servers Newspapers and media Direct contact with employers

4 Looking for job > Public Services Labour offices receive job vacancies from Czech companies Integrated portal of Ministry of Labour and Social affairs English language mutation click on Everything about work in the CR click on Vacancies in the CR Job Vacancies from Czech companies can also be found on European Job Mobility Portal - http://eures.europa.eu

5 Looking for job > Private Services Private Employment Agencies database of those with licence by the Ministry of labour available on, direct link is Association Association of Personnel Services Providers (APPS) Some of the private emplyment agencies: Adecco, Grafton Recruitment, Manpower, StartPeople, Trenkwalder, Manmark, PeoplePlace, Index Noslus, Hofmann Wizard, AYS, Stegmann Czech

6 Internet Job servers, e.g. Looking for job > Private Services

7 Looking for job > newspapers/media Countrywide Mladá fronta dnes Hospodářské noviny Prague Czech Business Local DENÍK, local editions Special Internet browsers and search engines

8 Looking for job > competence Language skills Curriculum vitae Cover letter Sometimes required: Extract from the criminal register (when working with money, children) Health certificate (when working with food, employer arranges at the Czech doctor before beginning of employment)

9 Situated in the central Europe Bordering countries: Slovakia, Poland, Germany and Austria Three historical regions: Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia Population: 10,3 million Area: 79.000 km 2 Currency: Czech Crown (Kč/CZK) 1= CZK 25 Internet Geographical aspect



12 Working time 40 hours a week (reduced to 38,5 in 2 shift work operations and 37,5 hrs in 3 shift work operations) in average 8 hours a day (in shift work operations 12 hrs shifts) flexible time is common 30 minutes break after 6 hours of work Holidays: basic annual leave is 4 weeks (a lot of employers offer 5 weeks) Working conditions

13 Safety and Health regulations At the beginning of employment employee usually undergoes medical examination, which employer usually arranges. In particular occupations additional regular examinations are necessary: construction, transport, electro, etc. Working conditions

14 Wage/Salary Current minimum monthly pay 8 000 CZK 320 Average gross monthly pay 23 435 CZK 937 (4th Q 2007) Working conditions

15 TO DOs Before Work Entry formalities EU nationals can freely enter the Czech Republic do not need work permit or visa however they should: 1.Report to local Foreigners Police Office within 3 working days, if they plan to stay longer than 30 days (usually hotel does). 2.Be registered with local Labour Office by their employer and by the date the work starts. 3.Undergo medical examination, which employer usually arranges * If you travel by car and use the Czech highways, you must pay the toll and display sticker on your car as evidence.

16 TO DOs Before Work Employment contract -if Czech labour laws chosen, be aware of the Czech working conditions and the Labour Code -it is obligatory to conclude a written contract -should contain: position, place of work, starting date; others such as pay, duties and description of work position, benefits etc. -2 months notice period (if not arranged otherwise) -trial period of 3 months usually

17 TO DOs on your arrival Personal issues movement of goods in EU is not subject to customs procedure your car is released into free circulation within Schengen / EU your driving licence is accepted yet check if it is valid internationally / EU format. open a bank account /advisable/

18 TO DOs on your arrival Job-related steps tax registration with local tax authority work registration with local Labour Office registration for health and social insurance * all of these procedures done by employer / company

19 TO DOs during your stay Consider whether or not to apply for a residence card at the Foreigners Police Office, if the stay longer than 90 days. Register car within six months for a Czech number.

20 TO DOs on your departure keep your payslips keep your employment contract have certificate of previous Czech employment issued by the employer in CZ have E301 as a Certificate concerning the periods to be taken into account for the granting of unemployment benefits issued by Czech Labour Office * European forms are useful as certificate for benefits and pension in future and your rights in other EU state that you move in.

21 Czech labour market Number of Workers from Italy and other EU countries Unemployment & Job Vacancies Trends

22 Foreign workers from EU /statistics/ State# as of August 2008 Slovakia103466 Poland22846 Bulgaria5737 Romania4375 Germany2620 United Kingdom1906 France1398 Italy757 Austria752 Netherlands560 Hungary537

23 Foreign workers from EU /statistics/ State # as of August 2008 Lithuania417 Spain308 Belgium249 Sweden206 Ireland170 Denmark131 Portugal118 Switzerland115 Greece112 Finland108 limit: states listed with # > 100

24 Unemployment & Job vacancies unemployed persons312,3 thousand unemployment rate 5,3 % job vacancies150,9 thousand

25 Trends: Unemployd & Job vacancies (blue colour)

26 Trends: Demand Some of the occupations with high demand: construction worker craftsman, welder electro-mechanic, assembler, maintanance worker cook, chef, waiter, waitress lorry driver, truck driver software engineer customer service worker / call centre operator / administrative worker with foreign languages

27 Useful links Information for foreigners

28 Good luck! David Chlupacek EURES adviser Czech Republic email: phone: +420567128188

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