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Pregnant and HIV positive- The Health and Social Care Needs of HIV Positive Women. 1 BHA/Sky/056.

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1 Pregnant and HIV positive- The Health and Social Care Needs of HIV Positive Women. 1 BHA/Sky/056

2 Introduction Who we are: Leeds Skyline is a service that provides support to people who are living with or are affected by HIV in Leeds. The project also works to reduce or prevent the transmission of HIV, by supporting individuals and communities to improve their knowledge, skills and confidence to protect themselves and their partners. 2 BHA/Sky/056

3 Raise awareness amongst women's groups in the community on uptake of routine antenatal testing. Challenge HIV related stigma in the community. Deliver sexual health awareness and skills building sessions on empowerment and self esteem with women. Promote community and health services available to pregnant and other women in Leeds. 3 Our work with HIV positive women: BHA/Sky/056

4 HIV: stands for Human Immuno-deficiency Virus. HIV attacks the immune system of an infected person making the body less able to fight off infections. HIV can be transmitted through unprotected sex with an infected person, mother-to-child, sharing sharp objects and blood transfusion ( common in developing countries ). There is still no known cure for HIV yet. However medication is available in UK that gives one good quality of life. 4 What is HIV?: What is HIV?: BHA/Sky/056

5 Skyline works closely with Alison Perry a screening coordinator from Leeds teaching Hospitals. We get our referrals from Alison Perry and other health professionals Once referred, every woman is assessed and a care plan agreed on best way to meet her needs and that of her unborn child. 121 emotional support and advice sessions provided by a dedicated worker. Referral to group support Support to attend maternity and health appointments 5 Our work with HIV + pregnant women: BHA/Sky/056

6 Newly diagnosed in pregnancy (first time mum/not) Already known to be HIV+ but its still a challenge. Disclosure to partner or loved one(s). Language barrier vs. cost of sourcing interpreters. Taking medication as prevention during pregnancy/after Administering medication to baby from birth to about 28 days Understanding the need to bottle feed and not breast feed to reduce vertical-transmission. Financial implications - buying formula milk, sterilising equipment etc 6 Some challenges faced by the mums BHA/Sky/056

7 P ressures from family and friends to breastfeed. Confidentiality difficulties - where to keep/when to give medication for both mum and baby. Anxiety about the effectiveness of treatment intervention for baby – worked/not. Concerns around baby testing for HIV. Baby undergoes a few tests from birth till final about 18 months of age. 7 Challenges continued BHA/Sky/056

8 Home visits 121 support by BHA worker Befriending and community volunteer support Direct link and contact with Alison Perry Encouraged to also liaise with community midwives/health visitors. Support to attend appointments for testing baby Financial support 8 Support provided and available BHA/Sky/056

9 9 How can you help? You're doing a great job offering the routine testing. However some women may not feel ready at the time its offered, please endeavour to offer testing again if you feel there may be need for it. We continue to welcome referrals for support and also welcome any questions you may have. Make a decision to become an advocate for women diagnosed or living with HIV. BHA/Sky/056

10 Thank you. 10 BHA/Sky/056

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