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Virginia in the Revolutionary Era VS. 5 review created by Mrs. Dennison.

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1 Virginia in the Revolutionary Era VS. 5 review created by Mrs. Dennison

2 Why did the colonists believe that Parliament and the King did not have the right to tax them? They didn’t have representation in Parliament.

3 Parliament believed it had legal authority over the colonists to issue taxes, but the colonists believed ___. their local assemblies had legal authority to tax

4 Virginians were divided about independence. Some were neutral, some were loyal to Great Britain, and the rest considered themselves ___. PATRIOTS

5 Those who remained loyal to the King and did NOT want independence from England were called ___. LOYALISTS

6 Those who chose not to take sides during the Revolution were called ___. NEUTRAL

7 Who provided political leadership to the colonists by expressing reasons for independence from Great Britain in the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson

8 The Declaration of Independence states that all men are created equal and have certain rights. What are these rights?

9 Who provided military leadership to the colonists during the American Revolution? George Washington

10 Who was James Armistead Lafayette? A slave who served in the Continental Army and then was granted his freedom after the war

11 What famous words did Patrick Henry say to inspire the Patriot cause? “…Give me liberty or give me death!”

12 During the American Revolution, American Indians fought ___. alongside both the British and the Patriots

13 What was the first land battle of the American Revolution fought in Virginia?

14 Which famous Virginian rode on horseback to warn Thomas Jefferson that the British were coming to arrest him? Jack Jouett

15 As many men left to fight in the Revolutionary War, women ___. took on more responsibility

16 In which war did America gain its independence from England?

17 Who won the Battle of Yorktown to end the Revolutionary War? The Americans (Patriots) Lord Cornwallis surrenders to Washington

18 In what state did the Battle of Yorktown take place? This final, major battle took place in VIRGINIA!

19 Patriots win! Happy birthday to our new nation!

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