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Effective and Safe 4-H Meetings Annual Wisconsin 4-H Volunteer Leader Lesson.

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1 Effective and Safe 4-H Meetings Annual Wisconsin 4-H Volunteer Leader Lesson

2 The Focus Insure the essential elements of positive youth development are present with 4-H events Understand and use the 4-H charter and renewal process Adopt good financial management practices in 4-H clubs, committees and groups. Create safe environments for youth and adults

3 Five Things in Common

4 Are the Essential Elements of Positive Youth Development included in 4-H Meeting? Belonging Mastery Independence Generosity

5 4-H Chartering and Renewal Process Annual renewal of the 4-H Charter for each 4-H Club, Committee or Group Insures clubs, committees or groups are able to use the 4-H name and emblem and receive all benefits Provides accountability for 4-H clubs, committees and groups for financial and educational programming information Encourages stronger common understanding and communication between volunteers and staff.

6 The Green Guarantee!

7 4-H Clubs and Groups Guarantee Youth Opportunities To: develop positive relationships with peers and adults be actively involved in their own learning contribute as active citizens through community service and leadership. develop skills that will help them succeed recognize, understand and appreciate others have fun

8 Financial Accountability 4-H Money = Public Funds Manage 4-H Money Responsibly Discuss Money with the 4-H Club Have a Dissolution Clause Follow State and Federal Tax Laws Fundraise for a Purpose and Legally Follow Best Practices

9 What is Risk Management? It means the 4-H club, group or planning committee anticipates potential risks as the activity is planned and decides ways to manage these risks.

10 When We Pay Attention to Risk Management Issues… It becomes an important educational component of our programs, focusing on safety and prevention. Participants can focus on learning in a safe, comfortable environment. Volunteers limit their liability exposure.

11 Safety is Everyone’s Business Reduce the Risk: Lesson the risk factors by changing elements of the event Transfer the Risk: Shift the risk by purchasing insurance, use public places, hire transportation, etc. Avoid the Risk: Remove hazard or change the activity Assume the Risk: Take necessary precautions and conduct the event

12 Volunteers Are The Key For: 4-H clubs and events that provide members opportunities to belong, experience mastery, independence and generosity Safe environments for youth and adults Proper handling of 4-H finances

13 Resources 4-H Community Club Central: Wisconsin 4-H Website: 4-H Volunteers USA:

14 Thank You From the Strengthening 4-H Clubs State Work Team An EEO/AA employer, University of Wisconsin Extension provides equal opportunities in employment and programming, including Title IX and American with Disabilities (ADA) requirements.

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