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Ambition for Ageing Provider & Stakeholder Event Bolton – 3 rd March 2015.

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1 Ambition for Ageing Provider & Stakeholder Event Bolton – 3 rd March 2015

2 Purpose of today Inform you of GMCVO’s plans Generate interest in the programme of work Explain the procurement process for a local lead Hear your views on GMCVO’s approach

3 Is this an age-friendly event?

4 Our Ambition We believe Greater Manchester’s ageing population is an opportunity

5 Our Ambition

6 The Ageing Better Programme £80m nationally funding 15 partnerships Reducing the social isolation of older people Test and learn approach Driven by older people Supported by local public sector Equality issues are important

7 What we’ve done so far 2-stage application process Consultation Profiling Built Partnership

8 Our Approach Recruit expert designers (older people) Identify local priorities & challenges Identify local assets & resources Provide support and small payments to increase social connections In later years, investment in scaled programmes

9 Delivery £10m over 5 years 24 wards in 8 Local Authorities 15-20 small projects per year per ward Equalities Board exploring role of identity within places Evaluation and research through UoM, New Economy & GMCVO

10 How will we achieve this? Funding a network of Local Delivery Leads (LDLs) who will manage the programme at a local level Approx. £650k per district (3 ward areas) over 5 years Must align with local policies and initiatives Bolton wards: Crompton, Halliwell, Tonge with the Haulgh

11 What do we want from LDLs? Reach-in and trust of local communities Enable older people to design age-friendly communities Community development approach Recruitment and support of older volunteers Manage a range of small payments Asset-based & participatory approach Test & Learn

12 Procurement Process GMCVO must treat the funding as public money – therefore EU Procurement Regulations apply This impacts on application processes, timescales and communication

13 Procurement Timeline – (Subject to Change) Mid April – Release PQQ End of May – PQQ Submission deadline Early June - Shortlisting Mid June – Release ITT End of July – ITT Submission deadline August – Assessment, successful bidders informed Late August – Stand Still period September – Contracts awarded, delivery starts

14 Outcomes (1/4) The majority of older people in GM engaged by the programme will identify their neighbourhood as more age-friendly

15 Outcomes (2/4) In areas supported by this project more older people will undertake activities of interest and the capacity of local assets will increase

16 Outcomes (3/4) Initiatives to reduce social isolation will be mainstreamed into public, private and voluntary & community sector delivery

17 Outcomes (4/4) The contribution of older people to civic, cultural and economic life will be recognised in GM strategies. Clear structures will be developed to enable older people's voices to be influential.

18 Questions?

19 Break – 15 mins

20 Group Discussion – Question 1 “Age-friendly” to me means………

21 Group Discussion – Question 2 How could bidders demonstrate they can have trust and reach in local communities? How can bidders demonstrate they will be good local partners?

22 Group Discussion – Question 3 Engaging and empowering older people are central to the ethos of the programme, but how might we measure these things?

23 Group Discussion – Question 4 About Bolton What do we already know about challenges and assets? What makes Bolton different?

24 Communications From this point forward the only point of contact will be through In early April GMCVO will launch our procurement portal – potential bidders will need to register to access documents

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