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Graduate Program Review Prof. Emad Ali. Major Review Steps Self-study Report External evaluation Apply actions for improvement.

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1 Graduate Program Review Prof. Emad Ali

2 Major Review Steps Self-study Report External evaluation Apply actions for improvement

3 External Review The program faculty can select their reviewer team a minimum of tow consultants from outside the institution. The two outside consultants must be recognized authorities in the areas of the graduate program under review and/or should be from organizational affiliates that are appropriate to the program

4 Self Study Report Department mission and goals Student recruitment and admission Student enrollment and graduation Program curriculum Faculty Resources and infrastructure Administration

5 Department information Title of program, title of degree History and mission Program groups or tracks Program objectives and outcomes Program quality, emphasis, national rank

6 Students Admission and enrollment history Quality of incoming students Quality of ongoing students Graduation trends Employer demand for degree Funding, sponsorship

7 Faculty Faculty CV Faculty distribution, competency Visiting, part-time Quality: research-active Advising Qualification and load Professional development

8 Curriculum Full description of the courses Graduation requirement, tracks Interrelation with other programs Curricula changes, reasons Student professional development: teaching, attending conferences, training, seminars

9 Resources and Facilities Describe supporting facilities; libraries, labs, computer labs, etc Department funds, offices, Info on external rewards, grants, sponsorships

10 Administration Describe the administrative structure of the dept and graduate program.

11 Performance metrics Admission and enrollment trends for the past five years Retention/attrition rate for the past five years Time to degree trend for the past five years Trends in degree awarded for the past five years Student publication, awards and recognition during study Surveys (Exit students, alumni, faculty) Employment trends after graduation, Alumni Career satisfaction

12 Useful information Program contribution to academic, industrial, governmental, nonprofit organizations, etc Admission requirements such TOFEL and GRE scores (quality of students) Orientation and advisor assignment procedure Types of financial support and its effect on student Expectation and opportunities to participate in professional development Undergraduate teaching responsibilities to improve the teaching skills Appointment of postdoctoral students Visiting and adjunct professors/scholars Significant outreach and/or public service activities related to graduate education Special seminars or symposia offered by the program

13 Benchmarking Identify one peer graduate program at another institution that you consider similar to your own in terms of quality, size and scope. Also identify one graduate program that you consider a model program, which your program may strive to emulate, at least with respect to some aspect of that program.


15 Personal Observations Thesis/dissertation Quality Student involvement Faculty (commitment, advising)

16 Ideas Teaching as a degree requirement Seminar course Department presentation Faculty advising analysis External evaluation of passed thesis Best thesis award Advisory board for thesis topics

17 Time Table Topic/month123456789101112 Defining mission, and objectives Collecting and analyzing Statistics on student enrollment, attrition, graduation, achievements, etc Building as you go the major parts of the report such as description of the program, faculty, curriculum, facility and support. Developing Exit, alumni, and faculty surveys Collecting and analyzing responses to survey Collecting alumni Information; employment rate, promotion and satisfaction Finalizing the report to include the results of the survey and other collected information, and to point out the points of strength and weaknesses.

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