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B.E.S.T. Building Excellent Schools Today Center Schools Application Overview.

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1 B.E.S.T. Building Excellent Schools Today Center Schools Application Overview

2 Prior to BEST if we wanted to build a new school we would have to raise the money locally through a tax increase. State law only allows a school district to raise 20% of its assessed property value through a bond election.

3 At this point in time Center Schools can only legally raise a maximum of 4.7 million dollars for building projects.

4 The original K-12 school was built through this process, so was the High School, the Middle School, and the Vocational Building.

5 Most recent projects (New Gym, New Wing, Alternative School, Bus Garage, Admin - Auditorium) have been paid for through lease purchase agreements or grant applications.

6 Along Comes BEST BEST legislation went into effect in Spring 2007 BEST Leverages State Trust Land dedicated to the School Trust Fund and Lottery Dollars

7 Center’s BEST Grant In September 2009, in light of the success of some BEST projects in the Valley such as at Alamosa, Centennial, and Sargent, the Center BOE decided to look into pursuing a BEST Grant.

8 Our Process Secure a Master Planner Hold Community Engagement Meetings Develop Options Decide on most effective solution Submit a grant

9 What Were Our Options Renovate Existing Facilities: $24 Million New PK-12 On Existing Site: $30 Million Renovate with New Additions: $33 Million New PK-12 on New Site: $28 Million In each of these scenarios the cost to district residents would be $4.7 million, the maximum we can legally contribute.

10 What We Decided? New PK-12 Building on Existing Site

11 What Happened Next BEST Board Ranked and Recommends Projects Our project was awarded (26.7 million dollars) and now it Goes to a Bond Election in November 2010

12 Timeline to a New School? If Bond Passes….COP’s Sold by end of December District Chooses a Building Process and a Builder Ground Breaking Spring 2011 Occupy School Fall 2012

13 What Were Our Chances to Get a Grant? 650 million dollars in grant proposals were submitted in April 2010. Only approximately 150 million dollars in funding was awarded. Ranking for need and quality of proposals was released and Center’s proposal was ranked in the top 5 in the state.

14 Why to Not Do This Increased tax burden on property owners, Tax Impact on a $4.77mm bond issue: – Residential: Approx. $10.16 per month per $100,000 home value – Agricultural: Flood: Approx. 81 cents per acre per year- SAGUACHE CNTY – Agricultural: Sprinkler: Approx. 95 cents per acre per year-SAGUACHE CNTY – Agricultural: Flood: Approx. $1.20 per acre per year- RIO GRANDE CNTY – Agricultural: Sprinkler: Approx. $1.36 per acre per year-RIO GRANDE CNTY

15 Why Do This? Benefits to the Community Dollars spent here during construction process will benefit community. A New School Facility will increase local property values for all residents. Studies show updated facilities support increased student achievement. An updated facility should last the community upwards of 50 years. When will we ever have the opportunity to build a new school at 15% of its actual cost again?


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