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Judy Moody Goes to College

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1 Judy Moody Goes to College
Written by Megan McDonald Illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds Book Report by Olivia Patterson

2 Main Character and Other Characters
The main character in this story is Judy Moody. The other characters are her little brother Stink, her totally rad math tutor Chloe, Kate aka Mom, Richard aka Dad, Ms. Grossman, Mr. Todd, Jessica Finch, Paul the drummer guy, Bethany Wigmore, Judy’s peeps and classmates.

3 The Story When Judy goes to school they have a substitute. Her name is Ms. Grossman. Where was Mr. Todd? Mr. Todd is in Bologna, Italy to learn to be a better teacher said Ms. Grossman. Class began.

4 The Story Mr. Todd was already a GREAT teacher, Judy thought. It was math time for class 3T now 3G. Ms. Grossman handed out math candy for the right answers. Judy didn’t listen. Ms. Grossman asked Judy a question. Judy didn’t know the answer so Judy said the only answer she could think of, “hazy”.

5 The Story She didn’t get the answer right, so Ms. Grossman wrote a note to her parents. Judy looked at the note and she ripped it in half! Judy went home and she gave the good half of the note to her parents. They said, “Where is the other half of this note?” Judy revealed the other half of the note.

6 The Story Her parents said, “You need a tutor.” Judy was really, really sad. The next morning, Judy’s brother Stink told her that she will have to count jellybeans in a jar and use baby flash cards. Judy went to a college for her tutoring. She met her tutor, Chloe. Judy went to a math lab with Chloe. Judy asked Chloe if they had to count jellybeans in a jar and use baby flash cards.

7 The Story Chloe said, “No.” Chloe invited Judy to spend the day at college on Saturday. They went to a coffee shop and Judy bought a candy cell phone and played The game of Life. Then they finished tutoring and Judy went home. The next day, Judy wore a dress over jeans. Stink asked, “Why are you wearing that?” Judy replied, “Because, it’s my thing.”

8 The Story Judy went to school and told her classmates about college. Her class was amazed. The day passed by. On Saturday Judy went to college and met Chloe’s room mate, Bethany Wigmore and Paul the drummer guy. Chloe and Judy went to an art class. Judy made some pop art. Chloe made a picture of cherries.

9 The Story They left art class. Judy went home. She gave her room a makeover. The next day she went to school. Mr. Todd was BACK! He showed them his walking cast, and everyone got to sign it. After a short recess, Mr. Todd gave the class a quiz. Everyone failed the quiz except…Judy Moody!

10 The Story Judy explained that she got to go to college and became an uber-genius in math and everybody else fell behind. Rocky told Mr. Todd that everyone flunked on purpose so that they would get a math tutor and get to go to college too. The students did not get any math candy. He also said they had an attitude problem bigger than any tent.

11 The Story Judy’s painting was going to be in an art show. Judy’s class was going on a field trip to college and would get to see Judy’s painting. Judy Moody drew different tents on her game board and a twisty-turny path that connected them. Quietly, they filed up the stairs to the second-floor art gallery. Mom was there, and Dad, and Stink with a camera.

12 The Story Then Judy saw it. Portrait of a Band- Aid-Not-Soup-Can without shadows, Deluxe edition. Stink peered at the ribbon and said, “It says you got Horrible Mention. That really stinks.” Chloe explained that it was Honorable Mention.

13 The Story “It was only a split-second, one- sixtieth-of-a-minute, a giga-flip-flop moment in Judy Moody’s Own personal game of life, but it felt big. She, Judy Moody, was filled with glad-i-tude. Rad-i-tude!” Peace Out!

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