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Nurse Revalidation.

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1 Nurse Revalidation

2 Key requirements for revalidation Information to support revalidation
Aim of tonight's meeting – to provide you with more information about revalidation and useful tips to meet the requirements. NMC Code of Conduct Key requirements for revalidation Information to support revalidation Confirmers What next?

3 NMC Code of Conduct The Code has been updated, key changes include:
Four themes describing what nurses & midwives are expected to do: prioritise people practise effectively preserve safety, and promote professionalism and trust It also includes new or amended requirements: Fundamentals of care The duty of candour Raising concerns Delegation and accountability The professional duty to take action in an emergency Social media use

4 The purpose of revalidation is to improve public protection by making sure that you continue to remain fit to practise throughout your career. Revalidation supports professionalism through a closer alignment with the Code Nurses and midwives must Fulfil all registration requirements, To achieve this, you must: Meet any reasonable requests so the NMC can oversee the registration process Keep to prescribed hours of practice and carry out continuing professional development activities, and Keep knowledge and skills up to date, taking part in appropriate and regular learning and professional development activities that aim to maintain and develop your competence and improve your performance

5 Key requirements of revalidation
Nurses and midwives will be required to declare that they have: Met the requirements for practice hours (450 hours practise over 3 years and continuing professional development (CPD) likely to be 40 hours CPD of which 20 hours is participative learning . Reflected on their practice, based on the requirements of the Code, using feedback from service users, patients, relatives, colleagues and others Received confirmation from a third party (such as another registrant employer, or manager) that they are adhering to code and standards and is fit to practise.

6 Register on line - revalidation evidence submitted on line
Start collating information now – don’t leave it until the last minute! Each year the NMC will select a sample of nurses and midwives to provide information to verify the declarations that they made as part of their revalidation application.

7 Information to support Revalidation

8 Key Requirements: provisional
450 hours of practice over 3 years 40 hours CPD 20 of which must be participatory 5x reflections (discussed and signed off by NMC registrant) 5x pieces of practice related feedback Health and character declaration Evidence of professional indemnity Confirmation from a third party (does not need to be NMC registrant )

9 Tools for revalidation:
Set up a folder on revalidation on NHS Sub folder with portfolio Sub folder with supporting documents Sub folder to hold all education courses/certificates etc Sub folder to hold feedback/reflections Alternatively you can subscribe to commercial sites: RCNi : free if you have a journal subscription with the RCN HeART: £19 annual fee per year.

10 Suggested Portfolio Content:
1 Statement of entry onto register 2 NMC template re practice hours 3 Evidence of practice hours 4 NMC template re CPD hours 5 Evidence of CPD 6 NMC template re reflective practice X5 7 NMC sign off form re reflective practice X5 8 SD template re practice feedback 9 NMC confirmers sign off form 10 Indemnity certificate.

11 Supporting documents:
1 Useful links re revalidation 2 Revalidation evidence some examples 3 Pt qnaire re feedback 4 Colleague qnaire re feedback  NMC/GMC 5 Stakeholder questions as used by NDCCG for gaining feedback 5 Introduction to reflective writing 6 Slide set on reflective writing 7 Benefits and risks of reflective practice.

12 Confirmers Confirmation from a third party:
The NMC will ask you for information for the purpose of verifying the declarations you have made in your application. This will be a declaration that you have demonstrated to an appropriate third party that you have complied with the revalidation requirements. The NMC will ask you to provide the name, NMC Pin or other professional identification number (where relevant), , professional address and postcode of the appropriate third party.

13 An appropriate third party confirmer is:
An appropriate third party confirmer is your line manager. The NMC strongly recommend that you obtain confirmation from your line manager wherever possible. A line manager does not have to be an NMC registrant. If you do not have a line manager, you will need to exercise judgment to determine who is best placed to provide your confirmation. It is helpful if they have worked with you or have a similar scope of practice, but this is not essential. If that is not possible, you can seek confirmation from another healthcare professional that you work with and who is regulated in the UK. If your confirmer is an NMC registrant, they must have an effective registration with the NMC.

14 What next? Information on CCG website Register on line with the NMC Decide which format you are going to collate evidence in. Start now – don’t leave! Thank you Evaluation forms – please complete Future forums?

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