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1 TRAFFIC RECORDS SYSTEM DMVUpdate August 19, 2008

2 DMV SYSTEMS n STARS (State Titling and Registration System) n IRP (International Registration Plan) n SADLS (State Automated Driver Licensing System) n LITES (Liability Insurance Tracking and Enforcement System)

3 Crash Reporting n CRS (Crash Reporting System) n TraCS (Traffic and Criminal Software) n Crash Web

4 Federal Links n FARS (Fatality Analysis Reporting System) n SafetyNet

5 CRS Initial Objectives n Improved Availability & Timeliness of Data n Efficiencies in Processing n DMV-349 Capture Software and Form DMV-349 Redesign n Integration with Drivers & STARS n Effective Utilization & Redeployment of Staff

6 Efficiencies in Processing n Reduced Data Entry and Document Handling n Data Validation at Point of Capture n Reduced Error Handling n Improved Uninsured Driver Adjudication n Assisting SHP & LLE in Improving Data Quality through Education & Training

7 Crash Reporting Today n Achieving DMV Internal Objectives: –Integrated Document Management –Point of Collection Data Validation –Integration with SADLS, STARS & LITES –Improved Availability & Timeliness of Data –Efficiencies in Processing –Electronic Submission of Crash Data

8 Integration n Retrieve mainframe Drivers and Vehicles data n Updates mainframe driver, vehicle, insurance, medical and fuel tax systems n Traffic Engineering Accident Analysis System

9 AND n Continue to Address: –Data Quality –Electronic Submission –External Distribution of Crash Data and Documents

10 Electronic Submission n 78 law enforcement agencies trained and software installed. n Over 110,047 reports successfully submitted n NCSHP – over 600 troopers using TraCS. Anticipate additional users over the next 6 months

11 On the TraCS Horizon n Enhance TraCS. n Move to 7.3 (baseline) and then to TraCS 10 n TRCS Service available for LEAs to submit in XML using 3 rd party record management systems

12 On the DMV Horizon n Increase support/resources for TRS n Improving data quality n TRS enhancements or re-write n Initiate the form review process

13 Access to DMV Data and Records n STARS n SADLS n Transportation Notification System n Crash Web n CRS

14 Access to DMV Data and Records n Current process under review n Commissioner’s special review n Team effort

15 - n ONE DMV

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