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Adult Programs 2005. Agenda Intrax Advantage Intrax Schools Intrax Learning Pathway™ Intrax Accommodation Options Intrax Services & Activities.

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1 Adult Programs 2005

2 Agenda Intrax Advantage Intrax Schools Intrax Learning Pathway™ Intrax Accommodation Options Intrax Services & Activities

3 Experience the Intrax Advantage Superior School Quality  40+ nationalities, computer labs & lounges, advanced testing and evaluation Highest Quality Instruction  tested curriculum, TESL certified teachers Expanded Academic & Career Opportunities  Academic & Business Plus programs Flexible & Convenient  Start any Monday, all schools in city center locations Student Focused Environment  Helpful staff, academic counselors, full activity calendar

4 Where can you study? USA San Francisco San Diego Chicago CANADA Vancouver, BC NEW ZEALAND Auckland Coming Soon!!

5 Intrax Learning Pathway™ 01: INTRAX ENGLISH PROGRAMS 02: ACADEMIC PLUS PROGRAMS 03: BUSINESS PLUS PROGRAMS Part-time | Semi-Intensive | Intensive | Super Intensive TOEFL | TOEIC | BEC | GMAT | College & University Prep Business Essentials | Internship | Professional Certificate Advanced + Levels Intermediate + Levels All English Levels

6 Study at Intrax ENGLISH LEVEL WKSTOEFLTOEIC Beginner 8// Basic (low/high) 160-3600-300 Intermediate (low/med/high) 24360-460300-600 Advanced (low/high) 16460-520600-800 Proficient (low/high) 16520-677800-900 BEGINNER BASICADVANCEDPROFICIENTINTERMEDIATE

7 Intrax English Programs – all levels COURSESESSION/WKCURRICULUM Part-Time 15 Grammar/ Conversation Semi-Intensive 18 Grammar/ Conversation Intensive 24 Grammar/Conversation + 1 Elective Super-Intensive 30 Grammar/Conversation + 2 Electives *Part-time and Super Intensive only in Canada, Semi-Intensive only in US

8 ACADEMIC PLUS – Exam Preparation TOEFL18/24* sessions/wk TOEIC18 sessions/wk BEC28 session/wk GMAT18 session/wk * 24s/wk in Canada  Tailored exam preparation curriculum  Test-taking strategies and regular practice tests  San Francisco - authorized TOEIC testing center  Vancouver - authorized Cambridge testing center

9 ACADEMIC PLUS – College & University Prep Program  Combines EXAM PREP with a SPECIALIZED CURRICULUM geared for North American University entrance. KEY PROGRAM FEATURES  Exam Prep Instruction – 18s/wk  Specialized Seminars – 6s/wk  Additional support services & counseling  Free College & University Placement  3 program lengths – 12, 24 or 36 weeks

10 ACADEMIC PLUS – Intrax Partner Universities

11 BUSINESS PLUS – Business Essentials Program  Combines ENGLISH INSTRUCTION with BUSINESS MODULES.  EXCELLENT FOUNDATION for the Internship or Certificate program. KEY PROGRAM FEATURES  Semi-Intensive English (USA)– 18s/wk  Intensive English (Canada)- 24 s/wk  Business Essentials classes – 4s/wk  8-week program

12 BUSINESS PLUS - Internships BUSINESS Business Administration Sales/Marketing/Advertising/PR Hospitality Information Technology VOLUNTEER Working with children Assisting the elderly Caring for animals Assisting a teacher LEVEL: Low Advanced LENGTH: 8 or 12 wks/ 40hrs/wk ESL: 8 wks prior to start LEVEL: Intermediate LENGTH: 4 or 8 wks/ 20hrs/wk ESL: 4 wks prior to start  Real-world experience in a US or Canadian business  Gain Business English vocabulary & industry knowledge  Internship preparation and counseling from Intrax

13 BUSINESS PLUS -- Professional Certificate in Business & Management (PCBM)  A concentrated business education – ‘mini-MBA’  Learn from University professors  Gain business knowledge and skills  Receive a framed Certificate of your achievement KEY PROGRAM FEATURES  Business Communications – 4wks  Business & Management – 4wks  Marketing – 4wks  Entrepreneurship Seminar at UC Berkeley – 1wk  Academic credit toward the California School of International Management MBA program

14 SPECIAL PROGRAMS in Canada One-to-One Teacher Homestay  live with an ESL teacher while you study  Choose a Cultural (12s/wk) or an Academic (20s/wk) program Farmstay  Study English then work on a farm in British Colombia or Alberta, Canada

15 ACCOMODATION – Home away from Home HOMESTAY True immersion with a screened Host Family USA  14 meals / week  Single room / shared bathroom Canada  21 meals / week  Single room / shared bathroom RESIDENCE CLUB Independent living with other int’l students OPTIONS:  Meals or No Meals  Shared or Private room  Shared or Private bathroom  Small or Large studio  Small or large 1 bedroom apartment

16 STUDENT SERVICES & ACTIVITIES SERVICES Academic Counseling Visa Application Form Accommodation Placement & Support School & City Orientation Student ID Card Internet / Email Access ACTIVITIES Movies Pizza and Beach Party International Dance Party Baseball Games Museum Trips Ski Trips

17 WELCOME! -- to Intrax International Institute  Choose your program  Choose your city  Apply with our help  Get ready to enjoy the Intrax Experience!

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