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Chapter 3 Applications Software: Getting the Work Done.

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1 Chapter 3 Applications Software: Getting the Work Done

2 Operating system vs. Applications Software Operating system Controls the hardware provide a user interface must be loaded BEFORE application software can run

3 Application software apply to real-world tasks solve problems user works directly with “applications”

4 Forms of Applications Software Custom Software written for a specific company meets company's exact needs takes a lot of time to write more expensive than package software

5 Forms of Applications Software Packaged Software sold in stores or on the Internet some may be downloaded usually available on CD or DVD also available for large business applications

6 Forms of Applications Software Freeware - free, but may have restrictions on use - copyrighted Open-source software variation of freeware source code is provided programmers can modify it and understand it Shareware free for a short time small fee must be paid after the trial period copyrighted

7 Forms of Applications Software Public-domain software uncopyrighted may be used or altered without restriction

8 Installing Software Purchase the CD Download it from the web Businesses sometimes use an Application Service Provider (ASP)

9 Task Oriented Software Word processing most widely used pc software create, edit, format, store documents for reports, memos, letters, ads, flyers, etc

10 Task Oriented Software Desktop publishing more than word processing typesetting color reproduction used by magazines, newspapers, and book publishers

11 Task Oriented Software Electronic spreadsheets perform calculations on rows and columns of numbers automatically recalculates includes charting

12 Task Oriented Software Database management manage a collection of data store, update, retrieve and report features useful for large amounts of data quick retrieval of select data using queries

13 Task Oriented Software Presentation graphics develop slide shows include audio, video, clip art deliver presentations electronically through a digital projector

14 Task Oriented Software Communications communicate between computers web browser email messaging

15 Software suite Group of software applications Applications have similar "look and feel“ Cheaper than buying several separate applications Microsoft Office is a suite

16 Business Software Vertical market software for a particular type of business Groupware allows users to share information documents and files stored in a central location Notes is groupware

17 Getting Software Help at Work Information Center ( Help Desk ) install software provide troubleshooting answer questions by phone or email provide training NMSU Help Desk 646-1840

18 Restrictions on Software Use Single user license install on one computer only no copying Site license may install software on multiple computers used by businesses cheaper than buying individual licenses

19 Ethical Issues Software piracy illegally copying software illegally installing software on multiple computers Counterfeiting copying and selling large numbers of CDs in packages that look like the real thing Software companies lose billions of dollars annually due to piracy and counterfeiting.

20 Computer Professionals Data entry operators key in or scan in data Computer operators monitor computer systems keep equipment running load tapes add paper, toner, ink to printers

21 Computer Professionals Librarians catalog disks and tapes keep them secure Computer programmers design, write, test, and maintain programs

22 Computer Professionals System analysts work with entire systems know about programming work with users typically paid more than programmers Network managers installs and maintains networks

23 Computer Professionals Chief information officer must understand the entire organization makes strategic decisions manages other computer professionals typically reports to the CEO

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