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Why Study Economics at Baylor? Steve Gardner Professor of Economics Director, McBride Center for International Business.

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1 Why Study Economics at Baylor? Steve Gardner Professor of Economics Director, McBride Center for International Business

2 It’s Interesting! Choose from courses such as: Economics of Health and Medical Care International Trade Theory and Policy Economics of Poverty Law and Economics Economics of Gender Economics of Developing Countries Economics of Sports in America

3 It’s Flexible! It’s the only major available in three degree programs: B.B.A.—Good for career entry, pre-MBA, or may be coupled with 2 nd BBA major (i.e., finance) B.A.— Good for pre-Law, pre-PhD, or may be coupled with a 2 nd B.A. major (i.e., political science) B.S.— Good for pre-Med or may be coupled with a 2 nd B.S. major (i.e., physics)

4 It’s Challenging! A well-rounded economist should develop a strong background in: Analytical and critical thinking Mathematics and statistics Writing Public speaking History and public policy Ethics and moral philosophy

5 Great Student Organizations! Baylor Economists –promotes social interaction and academic involvement of economics students. Open membership. Omicron Delta Epsilon –national honor society in economics, received its official charter in 1951. Restricted membership

6 Great Faculty! Like all Baylor faculty, we are available to you. 20 faculty members, 13 of whom have PhD’s, representing 12 different universities. –Brown U., Indiana U., MIT, Michigan State U., Oklahoma State U., Purdue, SMU, U.C. Berkeley, U. Florida, U. Illinois, UNC Chapel Hill, USC, UT Austin. Economics faculty members are active in research and most have significant international experience.

7 Prepare for Grad School! Average LSAT Scores Current Rank Major Average Score Number of Students 1Economics155.32,916 2History154.05,819 3English153.76,324 4Engineering152.72,656 5Journalism & Languages152.52,002 6Finance152.22,009 7Psychology151.93,977 8Accounting151.82,340 9Political Science151.615,388 10Communication & Arts150.73,898 Nieswiadomy, Michael (1998), "LSAT Scores of Economics Majors," Journal of Economics Education, Volume 29, Number 4, Fall, pp. 377-379.

8 Prepare for Grad School! "Of all the majors, economics ranks in the top four or five consistently... Logical reasoning and analytical skills are critical to legal studies.” - Edward Tom, U.C. Berkeley Boalt law school admissions director "The best people are more frequently taking economics as their major... It shows they have the intellectual fire in the belly to perform well in an MBA program." - Richard Silverman, Yale School of Management, admissions director Source: Wall Street Journal, November 30, 1998 (Page A2

9 Employment Opportunities A variety of employment opportunities in business organizations, government agencies, educational institutions, research centers, and international organizations. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, “ Rising demand for economists should stem from the growing complexity of the global economy, competition, and increased reliance on quantitative methods for analyzing and forecasting business, sales, and other economic trends.” Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2004-05 Edition, Economists, on the Internet at

10 It’s Rewarding! Average Salary Offers to Bachelor Degree Graduates Summer 2004 Computer Eng.$51,572Political Science$32,999 Information Sys.$43,053English$31,169 Accounting$41,110Liberal Arts$30,152 Economics/Finance$40,906Communications$30,094 Management$38,188Education$29,805 Marketing$35,321Psychology$27,791 Source: National Association of Colleges and Employers

11 What’s happening at other top universities? Economics is the top major [in enrollment] at Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, Stanford and the Universities of Pennsylvania and Chicago; second at Brown, Yale, and the University of California at Berkeley; and third at Cornell and Dartmouth. Source: Wall Street Journal, November 30, 1998, Page A2

12 Let’s Keep Talking! E-mail: Steve_Gardner@Baylor.Edu Phone: 254-710-6147

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