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Class 1 Please pick up the handouts on the front table and begin reading the syllabus.

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1 Class 1 Please pick up the handouts on the front table and begin reading the syllabus.

2 PAF 410: Policy & Legislative Process TuThu 3:30-4:50 Heroy Geology Building Auditorium Questions? Contact Erica Maltby at or Erica Zimmerman at

3 Introduction to PAF 315 Course Goals – Work in the “real world” Teach and apply skills for research and policy analysis Class Model – Researchers in Think Tank Colleagues with Supervisor

4 Introduction to PAF 315 This semester you will be producing a professional research report for a client from a nonprofit or government agency Later today, you will meet with all the clients and decide on which project you want to complete

5 Handouts Grade Sheet Please complete top portion and return Syllabus Packet Blank Contract (White Paper) Sample Contract (Pink Paper) Sample Agenda (Green Paper) Sample Contact Log (Blue Paper)

6 Agenda A tool to help you organize your project-related tasks. Plan out all the pieces of your project and assign yourself deadlines. You fill out: Item Shade Cell for Date of Completion Deadline Time Planned ONLY FILL OUT “DATE DONE” and “ACTUAL TIME” once the item has been completed. The agenda should be complete up to the Debriefing Paper.

7 Contact Log Used to gauge the level of effort you put into your project You will need to update this over the course of the semester For next class: record initial contact, meetings, etc. Include in-person meetings, telephone calls, and emails with agency, professor, faculty contact, and teaching assistant

8 Contract This you will complete by hand. Bring the blank contract with you to your first meeting with your client and fill it out as you discuss the details of your project. Be sure to bring the contract with you at your meeting so you can have it signed. Bring a copy of the signed contract to class next week!

9 A completed agenda, contract, and contact log are due from each student next class, 1/25.

10 315 Website Access to: Syllabus Grade Sheets- ALWAYS print and attach to assignments Lectures Formatting Guide Contact Information Sample Assignments Report Standards Various “How To” FAQ’s

11 TA Help Lauren’s Office Hours: Wednesday 9:30- 12:30 or Friday by appointment. Gary’s Office Hours: Wednesday 12:30-1:45 As we move closer to the Project Due Date, there will be extended office hours For 315 related help, only contact TAs via email or in person. Any other form of communication (i.e. texting, calling, Facebook) for 315 related help will result in a loss of points

12 Diagnostic Test Non-graded assessment of your Excel skills TA will provide additional aid for those who demonstrate need No Points off if... Submitted on time At least half completed (take up to 2 hours) The work is all your own Due this Friday 1/20 at 3pm in Maxwell 102

13 Meeting the Clients Learn more about the projects before you complete the “project selection form” Speak with as many clients as possible (many of you will not get your first choice) Bring all your belongings

14 What to Ask the Clients? Ideas about what to ask: Have them clarify something about their project based on what you read on the info form Ask if you will be working in their office or from home Ask if you will need a car Ask what skills are particularly suited to their project If there’s something in particular you want to get out of this project, ask if their project will allow you to do so

15 Something to Note… Students who have web surveys or light/easy projects will be assigned to help students with heavy projects involving research and phone calls Students who have heavy, more difficult projects can receive up to 5 points added to their Final Project grade

16 The Bottom Line… Pick a project that will work for you and that you will enjoy. Ask questions to determine which project that might be. 20% of you will get projects that you didn’t select even as a third choice. Remember Coplin is your Boss, not your parent where whining works.

17 Project Packets Split into groups of 4 1 person from each group come to the front table and pick up 1 of each packet (4 total) Each group member gets a packet. Pass the packets around until you have seen all of them. Familiarize yourself with project details. Clients will be available for questions later today.

18 Reminders Due this Friday, 1/20: Diagnostic Test- NO EMAIL SUBMISSIONS By 3pm in Max 102 Due next class, 1/25: Contract - Fill out by hand (client must sign) Agenda - On website Contact Log - On website In 2 weeks, 2/1: Strunk & White Test Cover Letter/ Reference Letter/LinkedIn Profile /Resume due

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