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Teaching with Technology. Tuesday, July 26, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm Agenda: 1.What is technology? 2.Web-based teaching resources 3.Activity: Online document.

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1 Teaching with Technology

2 Tuesday, July 26, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm Agenda: 1.What is technology? 2.Web-based teaching resources 3.Activity: Online document sharing 4.Activity: Disposable chat 5.Activity: Adapting an activity using the Internet

3 Q: What is technology?






9 Definition: Technology is the making, usage and knowledge of tools, techniques, crafts, systems or methods of organization in order to solve a problem or serve some purpose. -Wikipedia

10 Brainstorming Q: What kinds of technology do you use in your teaching? Directions: 1.Make a list of technologies you use in teaching. 2.Next to each one, list some reasons why you use it, and any disadvantages of using it. 3.Discuss your answers.

11 Our goal: A list of technologies that people are using.

12 “Always start with a learning objective.” Ted Bongiovanni, Director, NYU SCPS Distance Learning

13 Web-based teaching resources 1.Blogs 2.Online file sharing 3.Content sites 4.Teacher resource sites 5.Social networking sites

14 Blog: Definition “Web Log” Website or part of website Regular entries, displayed in reverse chronological order Interactive – allow visitors to leave comments May contain text, images, links Wikipedia

15 Blogging: Example Situation: The reflection blogs in this workshop Learning Objective: To encourage reflection and collaboration among participants.

16 Steps for classroom blogging Decide on the skills that you want to target Decide how the blog could contribute to that skill Decide whether the blog will focus on fluency or accuracy Chose a platform and create a blog Get students email addresses and invite them to the blog. Explain to students how to use the blog Be clear about assessment [from Tarpey, T. (2011). Using Technology in the Classroom. A presentation at Teachers College, Columbia University. ] Available online at

17 Online document sharing: Definition A website which allows users to upload or create documents and then share these documents with others, who can view or edit them.

18 Online document sharing: Example Situation: Preparation for this workshop Teaching Objective: To collaborate on course planning while in different locations.

19 Course plan, June 29:

20 Document sharing activity: Create a shared document and edit it. Directions: 1.Form pairs 2.Share gmail addresses

21 Part 1: Interview your partner, take notes: Q: What are your feelings about using technology in the classroom? (5 minutes)

22 Pt. 2: Create your document: 1.Go to Gmail homepage 2.Click “Documents” (upper left) 3.Select “Create New” (upper left) 4.Select “Document” from pull-down menu 5.Select text box reading “Untitled Document” (next to Google docs icon) 6.Write your partner’s name in the textbox. Click “OK” 7.Write a summary of your partner’s answer

23 Find your Google documents on your Gmail homepage:

24 Create a new document

25 Pt. 3: Share your document 1.Select “Share” (upper right) 2.Enter your partner’s Gmail address in the “Add People” textbox 3.Select “Share” and “Close”

26 Share your document

27 Pt. 4: Edit your partner’s document 1.Return to your Documents Home Page 2.Select your the document with your name on it 3.Revise what your partner has written about you

28 Content sites For access to authentic language Wikipedia YouTube TED Sesame Street PBS Kids

29 Teacher resource sites For course/lesson planning and/or professional development ESL Café Classroom 2.0 Yappr

30 Social networking sites To connect learners to native speakers and to each other in new ways Facebook Togetherville ScuttlePad Skid-e Kids Disposable Chat

31 Allows you to create a temporary chat room which disappears when the last user leaves. Advantages: Password protected Leaves no personal information on the web Easy to set up Free


33 Disposable chat: Activity 1.Open web browser 2.Type this url in navigation bar: 3.Discuss this question: Which of these classroom applications of Internet we’ve discussed this morning are you interested to try out? 4.Leave this browser window open. We’ll use it after lunch

34 -- BREAK – 10 minutes

35 Activity: Adapt a classroom activity using the Internet Adapt/revise/enhance a classroom activity using an Internet resource. Your goal: To make it more interactive/communicative Blogging (Wikispaces, Google Docs) Document sharing Live chat platform

36 Activity: Adapt an activity using the Internet Directions: 1.Form groups of 3 2.Select a classroom activity from last week’s Skills workshop 3.Discuss how you could enhance/improve/expand this activity 4.Upload your activity to the “Technology Assignment” page on the course site

37 Lunch

38 Tuesday, July 26, 2:00 – 4:00 pm Agenda: 1.Presentations: Adapted activity 2.Distance learning 3.Guest speaker: Ted Bongiovanni 4.Q&A via Disposable Chat 5.Wrap-up 6.Reflection

39 Activity: Adapt an activity using the Internet Presentation: Make new, larger groups that include one group from Team A and one from Team B Present your team’s activity Explain: Your learning objective How the technology will help you achieve it Report back to the entire class

40 Distance Learning Teaching and learning which occurs primarily or exclusively online. Participants may be separated by great distances Generally involves specialized Web-based platforms

41 Web-based distance learning platforms Moodle Sakai Blackboard Epsilen – NYU/SCPS

42 Distance learning @ ALI Collaboration with NYU/SCPS Distance Learning: Professional Development Workshops: Using social media in the classroom Online placement test – (OWL + Epsilen + Wimba) NYU Abu Dhabi: Critical thinking/Persuasive writing course (Epsilen)

43 Live online presentation by: Ted Bongiovanni Director, Distance Learning, School of Continuing and Professional Studies, New York University

44 Procedures: 1.Ted will speak to us live via Wimba + Epsilen 2.We will ask Ted questions via our Disposable Chat room (check to see if you’re still in the room)

45 Q & A Directions: Return to the Disposable Chat room we were in before lunch If you no longer have the window open, return to this url: Type your questions for Ted

46 “Always start with a learning objective.” -- Ted

47 Wrap-up: Class discussion What are your thoughts about this experience?

48 Suggestion for reflection: Have your thoughts about using teaching with technology changed after today’s workshop? Why or why not? If yes, how?

49 Homework: Comment on at least three of your classmates’ Technology Assignments Comment on at least three reflections of the other team.

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