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DVB-x © Mika Grundström 7/15/20151 DVB-x for delivering services Mika Grundström tel. 03-272 5894.

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1 DVB-x © Mika Grundström 7/15/20151 DVB-x for delivering services Mika Grundström tel. 03-272 5894

2 DVB-x © Mika Grundström 7/15/20152 Outline u Introduction u Services u DVB-x specifications u MPEG over DVB-x u Delivering data (IP) services u Conclusions

3 DVB-x © Mika Grundström 7/15/20153 Introduction u DVB project u ETSI specified standards u Delivery of video services but... u Broadcast is : –video –audio –data

4 DVB-x © Mika Grundström 7/15/20154 Services u Traditional service: –Broadcast video (MPEG-2 TS) u Newer services: –Enhanced/interactive television –VoD –KoD –MoD –Internet access

5 DVB-x © Mika Grundström 7/15/20155 The use of DVB containers

6 DVB-x © Mika Grundström 7/15/20156 DVB Broadcast Channels u There are number of broadcast channels: –DVB-S : Satellite –DVB-T : Terrestrial –DVB-C : Cable u Traditionally the use have been video broadcasting u In the future also data u Economical and massive bandwidth pipe for citizen’s Internet access

7 DVB-x © Mika Grundström 7/15/20157 DVB-x standards u DVB-S –Satellite service and on-going –Video and data (uni-directionality) u DVB-C –Cable service, on-going –Video and Internet access (bi-directionality) u DVB-T –Terrestrial service, analog switch off –Broadcast video (regulatory issues)

8 DVB-x © Mika Grundström 7/15/20158 DVB used in the world

9 DVB-x © Mika Grundström 7/15/20159 DVB-S u Mature broadcast video service via satellite u Bit rate varies max 40 Mbps u Continental scope u Internet access and data services u Requires out-of-band return channel

10 DVB-x © Mika Grundström 7/15/201510 DVB-C u Developing broadcast video service u Big potential in Internet access offering u Bit rates about 34 Mbps u Requires network update in many cases

11 DVB-x © Mika Grundström 7/15/201511 DVB-T u Trial phase, three transmitters u Bandwidth capacity 20-32 Mbps u Mobile reception possible u Unidirectional u Data services limited (regulations)

12 DVB-x © Mika Grundström 7/15/201512 DVB-T radio

13 DVB-x © Mika Grundström 7/15/201513 MPEG over DVB u Traditionally MPEG-2 TS over DVB-x u Broadcast service u Other services - MPEG-2 TS is framing u How about Video over IP over MPEG-2 TS over DVB-x? u Multiplexing dilemma

14 DVB-x © Mika Grundström 7/15/201514 Packetisation

15 DVB-x © Mika Grundström 7/15/201515 MPEG over DVB u Problem with the service provider u Duplicated service infrastructure u Content management problem u Service Information (SI) needed –User and Program information –Automatic tuning to TS u DVB Multimedia Home Platform (Java based) –Service creation

16 DVB-x © Mika Grundström 7/15/201516

17 DVB-x © Mika Grundström 7/15/201517

18 DVB-x © Mika Grundström 7/15/201518 Providing data services u Sharing downstream large bandwidth u Requires return channel u Routing problem u Spectrum allocation management u Location based services

19 DVB-x © Mika Grundström 7/15/201519 DVB-S data reception

20 DVB-x © Mika Grundström 7/15/201520 Data Broadcasting u DVB defined encapsulation u Multiprotocol encapsulation over MPEG-2 TS u Does not define a complete system model u Network operator has an option with the use of different technologies u Linking the Internet (bi-directional) and broadcast (unidirectional) channels is a challenge –routing issues –TCP acknowledgements –HTTP and other protocol support

21 DVB-x © Mika Grundström 7/15/201521 Data packetisation options

22 DVB-x © Mika Grundström 7/15/201522 DVB data encapsulation options MPEG-2 Transport Stream Data Piping Service Adaptation PES Data Streaming Section Service Specific DSM-CC Private Data Multiprotocol Encapsulation Datagram IP Service Adaptation Service Adaptation Service Adaptation Application

23 DVB-x © Mika Grundström 7/15/201523 MAC address structure

24 DVB-x © Mika Grundström 7/15/201524 DVB data broadcast system

25 DVB-x © Mika Grundström 7/15/201525 Data delivery using multicast in DVB

26 DVB-x © Mika Grundström 7/15/201526 Data delivery to portable device mux & scrambling Broadcast subnet Internet Feed sender (router) Optional MpegTS Mux & Scrambling DVB broadcast network IP DVB mpe DVB phy MPEG TS X DVB phy DVB phy MPEG TS IP DVB mpe MPEG TS DVB phy IP X UDP uHTTP IGMP Broadcast control & management station UDP uHTTP Multicast data server IGMP

27 DVB-x © Mika Grundström 7/15/201527 Protocol issues u Service Announcement Protocol –Simple protocol for informing of multicast sessions u Service Description Protocol –Describes multimedia session properties u Uni-directional Link Routing –Routing over broadcast links –Currently not applicable u Unidirectional Hyper Text Transfer Protocol –Robust protocol to transfer HTTP –retransmissions and error correction

28 DVB-x © Mika Grundström 7/15/201528 Conclusions u DVB Broadcast channels are cost-effective way providing Fast Internet Access u Content packaging is in key role u Mobile reception using DVB-T increases the number of users and possible applications u Technical solutions exist u Maturity to be achieved u Large scale deployment can be started today

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