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Writing a Resume and Letter of Application Topic # 6403A Ryan Stokoszynski.

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1 Writing a Resume and Letter of Application Topic # 6403A Ryan Stokoszynski

2 The Purpose of a Resume Resumes, also knows as personal data sheets and curriculum vitaes, are written summaries of one’s qualifications and background information that becomes necessary when one cannot be present. It serves as a permanent record, most often for a job but also can be used for student scholarships.

3 Included in a Resume Personal Information Career Objective Education and Training Work Experience School and Community Activities References

4 Personal Information First off, include at the top your name, address, phone and/or fax numbers and a professional email address. Make sure that the potential employer will be able to easily see this information.

5 Career Objective What kind of position do you want with the employer? Make this a brief statement that indicates your desire to serve with this company.

6 Education and Training Include any college, vocational, and high school degrees obtained and in what fields you specialized or majored in.

7 Work Experience List any past job experiences that may help you in obtaining the position you are applying for.

8 School and Community Activities Any extracurricular activities and their offices that you held during your school and any civic organizations and volunteer work will indicate your willingness to help others.

9 References References are needed to indicate your past work ethic and your ability to work well with others. You can include them on your resume or place them as “Available Upon Request.”

10 Components of a Letter of Application Providing the first impression to the employer, the letter of application should include: –Explanation of Intent is the first paragraph that provides the job one is applying for –Statement of Qualifications, including education, training, and work experiences, should be stated in one to two paragraphs –Restatement of Qualifications – summarize your qualifications –Conclusion is a statement offering the application’s owner to discuss any possible employment in the future

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