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Mark Finney, Fire Sciences Lab, Missoula, MT.

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1 Mark Finney, Fire Sciences Lab, Missoula, MT

2 is a fire growth simulation model. It uses spatial information on topography and fuels along with weather and wind files. incorporates the existing models for surface fire, crown fire, spotting, post-frontal combustion, and fire acceleration into a 2-dimensional fire growth model. runs under Microsoft Windows operating systems (Windows 98, me, NT, 2000, and XP) and features a graphical interface. users must have the support of a geographic information system (GIS) to use FARSITE because it requires spatial landscape information to run. What is FARSITE?

3 Computes wildfire growth and behavior through time under heterogeneous conditions of terrain, fuels, and weather. Uses existing fire behavior models for surface and crown fires, post-frontal combustion, and fuel moisture. It is a deterministic model, meaning that you can relate simulation results directly to your inputs. Produces outputs that are compatible with PC and GIS. Can simulate air and ground suppression actions. Can be used for fire gaming, asking multiple "what-if" questions and comparing the results. What does FARSITE do?

4 Learn more by reading the FARSITE User’s Guide


6 Required Elevation Aspect Slope Fuel Model Canopy Cover Optional Crown Bulk Density Crown Base Height Stand Height Duff Loading Course Woody Landscape Layers from GIS

7 All raster data must be converted to ASCII GRIDS in ArcINFO or ArcToolbox

8 Required Weather (.WTR) Wind (.WND) Adjustment Factors (.ADJ) Initial Fuel Moistures (.FMS) Optional Custom Fuel Models (.CFM) Burn Period (.BPD) Coarse Woody Profiles (.CWD) Fuel Model Conversions (.CNV)

9 August 12, 2000, path 42 row 28

10 September 13, 2000, path 42 row 28

11 Start Aug 12? Advance of the Maloney Creek Fire on Craig Mountain, August 2000 Enable spot fires! Barriers can be added



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