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UH Systemwide Nursing Proposal Presented to the Council of Chancellors University of Hawaii March 17, 2004 Revised March 31, 2004 (upon request of the.

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1 UH Systemwide Nursing Proposal Presented to the Council of Chancellors University of Hawaii March 17, 2004 Revised March 31, 2004 (upon request of the Council)

2 UH Systemwide Nursing Faculty Consortium University of Hawaii at Manoa University of Hawaii at Hilo Hawaii Community College Kapiolani Community College Kauai Community College Maui Community College

3 University of Hawaii Mission The common purpose of the University of Hawaii system is to serve the public by creating, preserving, and transmitting knowledge in a multi-cultural environment. …the system supports the creation of quality jobs and the preparation of an educated workforce to fill them.

4 University of Hawaii Purposes High quality college and university education and training Variety of entry points…to meet individual educational and professional goals Distinctive pathways to excellence… fostering a cohesive response to state needs and participation in the global community

5 Background Information: The Nursing Profession Registered Nurses (RNs) provide direct care in hospitals, long term care, hospice, community health, schools and home care settings. RNs complete a 2-year Associate Degree or a 4- year Bachelor’s degree prior to passing a national licensing examination. Nurses are the backbone of healthcare with over 10,000 RNs licensed in Hawaii.

6 Background Information: Hawaii’s Demographics Residents of Hawaii increased 12% between 1990-2002 1 Hawaii’s population is projected to grow 33% between 2000 and 2020 2 In 2000, the elderly represented 17% of the total population 3 By 2020, it is projected that 1 in every 4 individuals will be over the age of 60 3 Growing elderly population use more health care than a younger population 1 Hawaii Health Care Trends in Hawai'i, 6th ed. HMSA Foundation, 2003 2 Bureau of the Census, 1997 3 Hawaii Executive Office on Aging, 2003

7 Growing Elderly Population in Hawaii: Comparison Increase in Population

8 Background Information: Efforts of Nursing Units and the Community Community Initiative on Nursing of Hawaii Project funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Colleagues in Caring Additional student cohorts supported by the Queen’s and Hawaii Pacific Health Systems Various training and research grants submitted and funded Part-time ADN Program funded by Dept of Labor Rural Development Project (MCC) Hawaii State Center for Nursing established at the UH Manoa Nursing Shortage Task Force established

9 CURRENT PROBLEM Nursing shortage impacts availability of health care for residents and visitors UH System nursing programs have more qualified applicants than they can admit Faculty shortage limits number of students accepted

10 Nursing Shortage Average age of nurses in Hawaii is 46 years old (44 in U.S.) 4 80% of Hawaii’s current nursing workforce will retire by 2026 4 340 RN vacancies are projected in Hawaii annually from 2000 – 2010 5 In 2000, Hawaii experienced a shortage of 1,041 RNs and is expected to grow to 1,518 by 2005, and 2,267 by 2010 6 4 Community Initiative on Nursing of Hawaii, 2003 5 State of Hawaii Department of Labor, 2003 6 US DHHS HRSA Bureau of Health Professions, 2003

11 Hawaii’s Registered Nurses: Supply and Demand Source: US DHHS, HRSA, Bureau of Health Professions, 2003

12 Our Future Nurses Are Being Turned Away 11,000 qualified students were turned away nationally due to limited numbers of faculty 7 UH nursing programs turned away 243 qualified applicants in Fall 2003 7 American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2003

13 Fall 2003Qualified Applicants AcceptedTurned Away UH Manoa15050100 UH Hilo302010 Hawaii CC763046 Kapiolani CC502921 Kauai CC33276 Maui CC1024260 Total441198243 Qualified Students Turned Away from UH Nursing Programs

14 Faculty Shortage Average age of nursing faculty in Hawaii is 48.8 years old 8 17 faculty are projected to retire in 5 years and 39 in 10 years Nursing faculty salaries are considerably lower than that of nurses in Hawaii’s healthcare industry (approximately $20,000 less) 9 8 Community Initiative on Nursing of Hawaii, 2003 9 Hawaii Nurses Association

15 UH Nursing Faculty Retirements & Openings (projected) Current Vacancies Retire in 5 years Retire in 10 years Expansion in 10 years UH Manoa76136 UH Hilo3014 Hawaii CC2232 Kapiolani CC34105 Kauai CC1482 Maui CC21410 Total18173929 103 Faculty Positions Must Be Filled Over Next 10 Years

16 Support Needed to Fulfill the University’s Mission Goal 4: Invest in Faculty, Staff, Students, and Their Environment Recognize and invest in human resources as the key to success and provide them with an inspiring work environment

17 SOLUTIONS Provide state funding for additional faculty positions on all campuses Improve salaries for recruitment of new faculty Improve salaries for retention of current nursing faculty

18 Additional Nursing Faculty Positions Request for Biennium 05-07 CampusNo. FacultyBudget Requested UH Manoa4$450,000 UH Hilo2$210,000 Hawaii CC2$180,000 Kapiolani CC4$360,000 Kauai CC2$180,000 Maui CC4$360,000 Total18$1,740,000

19 Proposed Salary Goals Minimum nursing faculty salaries (9 months): Instructor: $60,000 Assistant Professor: $70,000-$75,000 Associate Professor: $80,000-$85,000 Professor: $90,000-$95,000 The industry benchmark for instructor and assistant professor is a master’s prepared clinical nurse specialist or nurse practitioner. The annualized salary range is $81,000- $93,700. The prorated 9-month salary range is $67,230 - $77,771. The industry benchmark for associate and full professor is upper level nursing administrator. The annualized salary range of $110,000- $150,000. The prorated 9-month salary range is $91,300 - $124,500.

20 Salary Adjustments for Current Nursing Faculty CampusNo. FacultyAdjustment 05-06 Adjustment 06-07 UH Manoa47$936,250 UH Hilo9$238,000 Hawaii CC8$155,940 Kapiolani CC 15$242,600 Kauai CC7$ 80,900 Maui CC13$156,608 Total99$1,810,298 $3,620,596

21 Total 2005-07 Biennial Budget Request CampusNew Faculty Salary Adjustments Total UH Manoa$450,000$1,872,500$2,322,500 UH Hilo$210,000$476,000$686,000 Hawaii CC$180,000$311,880$491,880 Kapiolani CC$360,000$485,200$845,200 Kauai CC$180,000$161,800$341,800 Maui CC$360,000$313,216$673,216 Total$1,740,000$3,620,596$5,360,596

22 Funding Strategies Legislative general fund appropriation due to the state’s nursing shortage Possibility of federal training grants for expansion (temporary) Increase tuition and/or fees –Currently, UH Manoa assesses undergraduate nursing students a $500 professional fee per semester

23 SUMMARY Recruit and Retain Nursing Faculty Increase Qualified Students Admitted Address Nursing Shortage Provide quality nursing and health care for Hawaii’s residents and visitors

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