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Understanding Drug Labels

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1 Understanding Drug Labels
Textbook Assignment: Pickar, G. (2007). Dosage calculations: A ratio-proportion approach. (2nd ed.) Chapter 8 Revised KBurger 0808

2 Drug Names Brand, trade, proprietary Generic
Manufacturer’s name for a drug Generic Established, nonproprietary name

3 Brand and Generic Names
Brand name is usually most prominent Generic name must be on all drug labels Nurses must cross check medications to prevent errors

4 Brand and Generic Names

5 Identify the Brand Name

6 Identify the Generic Name

7 Dosage Strength Dosage weight or amount of drug provided in a specific unit of measurement

8 Identify Dosage Strength

9 Form Structure and composition of drug Solid forms for oral use
Injectable Suppositories Creams Patches

10 Identify Form

11 Supply Dosage Both dosage and form Dosage per tablet
Dosage per milliliter

12 Identify Dosage

13 Total Volume Full quantity contained in bottle or vial
Total number of tablets or other solids Total fluid volume for liquids

14 Identify Volume

15 Administration Route Site of body or method of drug delivery Oral
Enteral ( NG or GT ) Sublingual Injection ( IM, Subcut, IV, IVP, IVPB ) Otic Optic Topical Rectal Inhaled

16 Label Alerts Warnings or special alerts Examples Manufacturer
Refrigerate at all times Keep in a dry place Manufacturer Pharmacies

17 Identify Administration Route Identify Label Alert

18 Other Parts of Label Manufacturer Expiration date
Lot or control numbers National Drug Code Controlled Substance Schedule Bar Code USP of NF Unit or single dose Reconstitution instructions

19 Locate Expiration Date Locate Reconstitution Instructions

20 Other Considerations Combination Drugs Example: Percocet (Oxycodone & Acetaminophen) Supply Dosage in Ratio or Percent Example: Epinephrine 1: Lidocaine 2%

21 Drug Calculations and Label Interpretations
The MD has ordered: Furosemide 40 mg IVP Stat On hand is the medication pictured at right. How many mL will you administer?

22 Drug Calculations and Label Interpretations
The MD orders: Clarithromycin 500 mg PO q12h pc On hand is the medication labeled as below. How many tablets will you give? When will you give them?

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