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1 Day: Thursday 10 th November Session: 9.00am - 10.30am Speaker: Grahame Searle Topic:Western Australia.

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1 1 Day: Thursday 10 th November Session: 9.00am - 10.30am Speaker: Grahame Searle Topic:Western Australia

2 2 Presentation Expert Group Meeting (EGM) Grahame Searle CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Department of Land Information November 2005

3 3 The Political and Historical Context A State Strategic Framework (Better Planning, Better Services); The establishment of a whole-of-government Strategic Management Council (SMC); Machinery of Government Functional Review Taskforce Creation of the Department of Land Information, with a consolidation of statutory functions; Creation of an SMC e-Government Sub-Committee and the Office of e-Government; An e-Government Strategy, foregrounding internal efficiency, streamlined service delivery, and increased community participation A “Citizen-Centric” approach; and An early, conceptual Federated Enterprise Architecture model for the Public Sector in which a shared land information platform has a logical place.

4 4 Global Land Management Paradigm in a Western Australian Context

5 5 Most Government decisions and activities are underpinned by spatial information Core business for many Government agencies Technologies employed to date have largely been aligned to individual strategies of agencies WA’s Geographic Information Investment

6 6 SLIP will: Simplify access to the Government's land and geographic information Improve the efficiency of Government business processes Promote better integration across Government

7 7 SLIP Strategic Outcomes:... supported by a shared platform SLIP Enabling Framework (DLI) Natural Resource Management (DAWA) Register of Interests (DLI) Emergency Management (FESA) Electronic Land Development Process (DPI)

8 8 For Natural Resource Management, SLIP will mean: More sustainable land use through better access to accurate, relevant and vital information. Better processes to reduce duplication and derive cost savings to government and the community. Better compliance with legislated requirements as a result of new capture programs and improved data quality. Reduced costs by making all information accessible from a single point. Benefits to regions in the form of better and more complete information.

9 9 A Register of Interests via SLIP will mean: Key interests affecting the use and enjoyment of land will be visible through a single on-line transaction. The ‘run-around’ currently experienced by the conveyancing industry and the community will be eliminated.

10 10 For Emergency Management, SLIP will mean: Increased capability and shared functionality for agencies. Same information at the same time. Data that is responsive and tuned to EM needs. Reduced effort in accessing and analysing information. Most importantly, improved response times.

11 11 For the Land Development process, SLIP will mean: (If fully funded) Ability to lodge subdivisions on-line; Ability to inquire on status on-line; Improved turn-around time; and Better quality of information as information can be pre-populated.

12 12 The Journey so far…. Feasibility Government Endorsement Stakeholder Engagement Analysis Detailed Costing Approval to proceed Disbursement of Funds Executive Sponsorship Cross-Agency Teams Governance and Reporting Solutions Architecture ConceptInitiationDetailed Planning 20032004 2005 Implementation Establish Connectivity Develop Prototypes Deploy Enabling Framework Deploy Applications Enhance 2006

13 13 Approval has now been given for… SLIP Implementation Plan Funding Strategy Governance framework Appointment of Lead Agencies (accountable under FAAA and PSMA)

14 14 How do we implement SLIP ? Four focus areas: Natural Resource Management Electronic Land Development Process Emergency Management Register of Interests... the shared platform: SLIP Enabling Framework Natural Resource Management Land Development ProcessEmergency Management Register of Interests Future opportunity Business Requirements Technical Requirements SLIP Enabling Framework … and Governance: Steering Committees, Program Management Enabling Framework Program Implementation Teams SLIP Executive & Focus Area Governance

15 15 Governance Minister Lead Agency Executive Sponsor Strategic Management Council SMC e-Government Subcommittee SLIP Executive Committee (advisory) SLIP Program Support Project Steering Committee Implementation Teams AccountabilityImplementationStrategic Alignment and Advice WALIS Strategy WALIS Community

16 16 LandGate

17 17 Key Deliverables for 05/06 A large component of the enabling framework will be established. Access to 4 agencies data sets will be available on-line. Demonstrators or prototypes for each of the outcome areas will be developed to ensure business needs are addressed. The key interests in land will be identified and accessible.

18 18 Questions?

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