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Butterflies Presented by Noelia Lazo Monday, April 17, 2017 Science Content Standards

2 Butterfly Body Parts The butterfly body can be divided into three segments. The head contains the eyes, the proboscis and the antenna. The thorax is the middle section of butterfly body. It includes the wings and legs. The abdomen contains the reproductive organs.

3 The Life Cycle of a Butterfly
The life cycle of the butterfly is called metamorphosis. A metamorphosis is the change of form that butterflies go through. Butterflies go through four stages in its life and each stage is very different from others. The stages of their life cycle include: egg, caterpillar, chrysalis and butterfly.

4 Stage 1- The egg A female butterfly lays tiny eggs on a leaf.
Around 5 days later, a tiny wormlike creature will hatch from the egg.

5 Stage2- The caterpillar
The egg hatches and a caterpillar comes. A caterpillar eats and grows. A caterpillar breaks out its old skin several times.

6 Stage 3-The chrysalis The caterpillar looks for a good place to turn into a chrysalis. The caterpillar stays in the chrysalis about one week.

7 Stage 4-The butterfly A butterfly crawls out of the chrysalis.
You can see a head, a body, and then the wings. It is a beautiful butterfly.

8 Vocabulary Abdomen: is the stomach.
Proboscis: is the tongue of the butterfly. Metamorphosis: a change of form. Antennae is a sensitive feeler that the butterfly has. Thorax: is the house of the heart and lungs and a number of structures passing between the neck and the abdomen. Caterpillar: is the larva of a butterfly Chrysalis: is a hard shell. Inside of the chrysalis is the butterfly.

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