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Types of government.

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1 Types of government

2 Types of government Authoritarian vs. democratic
Authoritarian: power is held by an individual or a group not accountable to the people Democratic: the people rule

3 Authoritarian Absolute monarchy: king or queen that has unlimited authority to rule as they wish (hereditary) Qatar, Saudi Arabia

4 Dictators: exercise complete control over the state.
Limit freedom of speech Rely on the police and military Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler

5 Totalitarian: government controls almost all factors of people’s lives
Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, USSR

6 Democratic Constitutional monarchy: power of the king or queen is limited by the country’s constitution and laws. Monarchs are heads of state only Great Britain, Japan

7 Republic: representative government in which no leaders inherit office
Any democratic country

8 Parliamentary system: top officials perform legislative and executive duties
Prime minister: head of a parliamentary government Chosen by the members of parliament Japan, Great Britain

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