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Creating PowerPoint Presentations Content and Visuals for Presentations.

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1 Creating PowerPoint Presentations Content and Visuals for Presentations

2 Content for Presentations Introduction forecast [what you are going to say] Main points Wrap up [summary] Whatever organization pattern you use,the speech needs to be well-marked for the user and follow a general format.

3 Introduction Forecast Discuss the purpose / goal of talk Provide an overview slide including all main points (organizational plan) that you plan to address and use these points as main headings )

4 Main points might include Statement of client’s problem/need (background) Research methodology (process) Findings (documenation) Recommendations Be certain to label the points for your specific situation (talking heads)

5 For each main point Say what the point is Provide details about the point Summarize the point (if point requires more than one slide) Make a transition to the next point

6 Wrap up Summarize all main points Say what the talk has tried to do Indicate what action you want the audience to take Ask for questions

7 Visuals for Presentations The following nine slides will discuss: Font size Font type Color Visual sets Readability Special effects

8 Font Size Use a much larger font size for headings to clearly differentiate the main point from the explanation (or use a different color for headings) Use the largest font size that consistently allows all the text you wish to include on each slide

9 Font Type Use a sans serif font such as Helvetica for headings and for sparse text If you have wordy slides, use a serif font such as times new roman for the text part of the slide In most cases, avoid using all capital letters for headings

10 Color Make a strong contrast between background and text Use a dark text with a light background and a light text with a dark background Make the background match the room color (light in a bright room, dark in a dark room so that the words stand out)

11 Visual Sets Visual sets are any repetitious aspect to your slides Include as many visual sets as possible to help orient your listeners to your talk

12 Visual sets include consistent placement of headings consistent color scheme and font using the same PowerPoint template for entire presentation using same effects for all slides (e.g.., fade to black for transition, points fly in from left, etc.)

13 Readability Include one main point per slide Limit six words per line Limit six lines per slide Use as little text as possible on each slide Use a conservative template appropriate for your audience

14 Using Special Effects If you want to illustrate an overview, don’t fade or dissolve points Remember that the goal of your presentation is communication—don’t let special effects obstruct the info

15 Giving PowerPoint Presentations Content Introduction forecast Main points Wrap up Visuals Font Color Visual sets Readability Special effects

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