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DSO, DSC & ASC What’s In An Acronym? EH&S Forum May 28, 2008 Rich Belmontez, Training Manager.

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1 DSO, DSC & ASC What’s In An Acronym? EH&S Forum May 28, 2008 Rich Belmontez, Training Manager

2 Department Safety Coordinator/DSC Serve as liaison between a department and the Environment, Health & Safety Office; receives and distributes safety information. Represent all their co-workers, regardless of the kind of work performed. Every department has at least one; large departments and departments located in multiple buildings may have more than one

3 Area Safety Coordinator/ASC Serve as liaison between a facility where hazardous materials are handled and the Environment, Health & Safety Office. Not responsible for an entire department, but for a specific area where work with hazardous materials occurs: typically labs, shops, and studios.

4 Department Safety Officer/DSO Professional-level Sometimes have Specialist Titles Formalized role within the department; top leadership support After-hour responsibilities “Essential Personnel” DSC and/or ASC responsibilities

5 Safety Management/Leadership Force Walk-around Example Relationships

6 DSC – Job Description Builder Maintain emergency response equipment for department Assist or refer individuals to appropriate safety resources Publish or communicate safety concerns and make recommendations for change Coordinate response to on-site emergencies, determining appropriate action to be taken

7 ASC – Job Description Builder 1. Act as Lab Safety Coordinator Routinely perform lab and office safety inspections. Advise personnel about Cal-OSHA and EH&S safety requirements and enforce their compliance. Proper disposal of radioactive and hazardous waste. Maintain updated MSDS files/other appropriate records. Attend all necessary meetings and training sessions. 2. General Lab Safety Perform general laboratory maintenance to retain compliance with regulatory agencies. Ensure EH&S compliance and implement protocols and procedures for an efficient and safe working environment. Maintain records needed for compliance with EH&S regulations Setup and maintain MSDS, employee safety training and IIPP (Injury and Illness Prevention Program) files and records. Serve as lab safety contact for safety monitoring, documentation and emergencies. Facilitate lab safety inspections for internal and external inspectors. Report hazards and injuries to EH&S and appropriate safety officials. Take appropriate actions to remedy hazardous conditions Report all work-related injuries and illnesses to supervisor. Seek medical attention as necessary. Chemical Hygiene Officer (CHO) for Laboratories. Laboratory Radiation Safety Officer. Perform routine safety inspections.

8 Related Blink Pages

9 Pretty Good Rules Of Thumb R C HI AI M T D

10 Pretty Good Rules Of Thumb Responsibility- Compliance- Communication- Hazard Identification- Accident Investigation- Mitigation- Training- Documentation-

11 Pretty Good Rules Of Thumb Responsibility- the person(s) responsible for implementing the program Compliance-system for ensuring that employees comply with safe and healthy work practices, which may disciplinary actions Communication- Ensure a free flow of safety information through bulletin boards or periodic discussions. Encourage employees to report potential safety problems Hazard Identification- Conduct periodic safety inspections of all spaces Accident Investigation- Investigate all accidents, injuries, and near-misses, and make appropriate changes to minimize recurrence Mitigation- Correct conditions that are discovered during inspections or reported by employees Training- Know the hazards employees face and ensure they're trained to perform their work without illness or injury. The backbone of IIPP training is the IIPP class, required for every UCSD employee. EH&S also offers specialized safety training in many areas Documentation- Keep safety training, inspection, and accident investigation documents in a centralized file so they're handy for inspectors. Remember, if you don’t have the paperwork, it didn’t happen

12 IIPP Documents IIPP Written Plan (Blink) Safety Inspection forms Hazard identification forms Accident investigation forms Employee training documentation Safety postings Safety meeting agendas Annual Accident Statistic Summaries

13 Integrated Safety & Environmental Management/ISEM Follow the Five!

14 UC Policy on Mgmt of Health, Safety and the Environment The University of California is committed to achieving excellence in providing a healthy and safe working environment, and to supporting environmentally sound practices in the conduct of University activities. It is University policy to comply with all applicable health, safety, and environmental protection laws, regulations and requirements. To meet this standard of excellence, the University implements management initiatives and best practices to systematically integrate health, safety, and environmental considerations and sustainable use of natural resources into all activities. All University activities are to be conducted in a manner that ensures the protection of students, faculty, staff, visitors, the public, property, and the environment. October 2005

15 UC Policy on Mgmt of Health, Safety and the Environment This policy applies to all members of the University community and also to contractors whose work is directed on a day-to-day basis by University employees. University activities should be considered from the very beginning of planning an activity to wrapping up after the actual performance of the activity. This means evaluating the associated hazards and environmental impacts associated with an activity and then identifying the appropriate protective safety and environmental measures… Local EH&S offices are available to provide assistance and consultation. October 2005

16 Others Volunteers Contractors/Vendors Minors Patients Interns TES Telecommuters Remote

17 Enterprise Risk Management Reputational Operational Financial Human Capital Legal Natural Technological

18 Accident Investigation

19 Awareness Test

20 Best Practices

21 My greatest strength as a consultant is to be ignorant and ask a few questions Peter Drucker- writer, management consultant, and self-described “social ecologist”

22 Understands Needs Accessible via phone Responsive Effective Advice Problem Resolution Knowledgeable, Helpful Staff Effective Use Of Blink Positive Direction ???

23 UCSD Customer Satisfaction Survey Understands Needs Accessible Via Phone Responsive Effective Advice Problem Resolution Knowledgeable, Helpful Staff Effective Use Of Blink Positive Direction

24 EH&S Vision The campus community will seek out EH&S for assistance in achieving their goals UCSD will be a healthy, safe and environmentally-sound community EH&S will be partners with their customers and will exceed their expectations Health, safety and environmental protection will be integrated into the UCSD culture

25 Other Duties As Assigned Physical Safety & Security Continuity Planning Volunteers Minors Animals Contractors HazCom Risk Hazard Assessment Ergonomics ICS SOPs PPE Needs Assessment

26 On-Going Development DSC Training New DSC Orientation DSC Certificate EH&S Forum (DSOs) Lunch Meetings with EH&S Director (DSOs) FRO/FRA (DSOs) EH&S Academy (?) Special Projects

27 Give me a place to stand and a lever long enough and I will move the world -Archimedes Give me a department contact with a willing soul and a caring attitude and together we will improve the environment -Anonymous


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